Monday, January 19, 2015

Rare opportunity...FREE Shipping on any order!

When you order at my website and choose Direct Delivery, you pay for your order as you checkout and AVON sends the order directly to your house, or to the address you choose if your items are a gift for someone. (Speaking of which, that's a great way to bless someone's day!) AVON gives you free shipping on all orders over $35, and shipping is a flat rate of $5.95 on orders smaller than $35. However, AVON will run special offers for free shipping quite often, and occasionally will have free shipping on any size order. and tomorrow customers are blessed with one of those "occasional" free shipping on any size offers. $$ So hurry on over to my website and do your shopping before midnight tomorrow, Tuesday, January 20!! Use the code ANYFS when you check out, if it does not come up automatically. $$  (It will save you some "green.")  #savemoney #freeshipping

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