Monday, February 23, 2015

A Lead?!? What is a "Lead?"

Sometimes when new Avon representatives hear some of us who have been around awhile talking about "leads" they don't understand the language. What is a "lead?" A lead is someone who is a potential customer or a potential Avon representative. There are a few Avon representatives who just like to order Avon products for themselves or their family members. However, most of us have Avon businesses that are designed to earn income, and we are always looking for new customers or representatives to join our teams, so leads are very important to us.

Avon has long promoted "The Power of Three!" which has to do with talking to three new people about Avon every day in order to build your business to the successful level you desire. If you talk to three people and get brochures into their hands and contact information from them into your hands, each of them becomes a potential customer or a potential representative. When you are about to turn in your next Avon order, you need to follow up with each lead to see what items they would like to order from the current brochure, what samples they might need, or what product questions they might have. You should also make them aware of the fact that you can get them started in their own Avon business, and give information they might need in order to make an informed decision. (See my blog post here for details about the Avon business, and please ask me any questions you might have.)

Take a look at some short videos about leads who have become Avon representatives:

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