Thursday, March 12, 2015

Are you ready to make your mark.?

Have you heard talk about mark. and wondered what that was all about? I wrote a blog post earlier about some of the history of Avon and mark. is a part of that history. In 2002, Avon launched beComing and mark. as two new branches of the business. beComing started as a collaboration effort with a couple of big name department stores that have beauty counters. Avon was to have the beComing line of skin care, makeup, and fragrance in the stores and Avon representatives who were part of Avon Leadership were to be the sales persons at the stores. They would also be able to appoint representatives at the counters. Those plans did not work out, but beComing was kept as a separate line that Avon representatives who had been trained as Beauty Advisors could sell, and Avon kept the beComing line of products for a few years before discontinuing it. 

mark. was begun as a brand for young women to be sold by young women, with "Meet mark." and "Make your mark." as the first slogans. An individual had to be 18 years of age to become an Avon representative, but only 16 to become a mark. representative. Those who were Avon representatives could also sell mark. products. If a person was signed up as a mark. representative only, the business was run in a different way and there was specialized online training for those younger representatives. It was a great way to introduce the younger women into the world of entrepreneurship, give them extra spending money, and teach them how to handle money the smart way. mark. products were so successful that the brand continues today, although Avon no longer has the separate mark. opportunity for those younger than 18. A few mark. products are now incorporated into the regular Avon brochure, and there is also a separate "magalog" for mark. products only. New mark. products are introduced on a four week cycle rather than on the two week cycle of the other Avon products. Be sure to check out what mark. has to offer here. While the products are geared to the younger generation, many older customers have fallen in love with them as well. The Lemon Sugar fragrance line is a particular favorite of one of my older customers.

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