Friday, March 20, 2015

C6 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter

(This is my newsletter for my downline - the Cloud Climbers.)

It's a fine Thursday morning, which I did not expect, since rain was predicted. Since the weather is so good, I need to get out and walk the streets and deliver some orders too, so this will be a short newsletter. :)

Top Ten in Sales for C6

 1. Gladys Faulk
 2. Maria Loza
 3. Rene Parker   PC
 4. Magalis Justiniano
 5. Susanne Walters   PC
 6. Cheryl Parker
 7. Darren Manahan
 8. Shelia Porter
 9. Steffanie Erdelt
10. Brenda Taylor

Top 3 in the Cycle to Date

 1. Rene Parker   PC
 2. Gladys Faulk 
 3. Susanne Walters   PC

There are currently no orders on hold awaiting payment. Yay!!

One of the incentives that Avon has going right now is for Unit Leaders and above to get their bonus checks for C5 doubled if they meet certain goals set by Avon. My goals were to have 75 people place orders in campaigns C5 thru C7, and to have 36 of those orders be over $100 each. You have done so well in the past two campaigns that I have 45 orders already that are over $100, so that goal is surpassed already, with one campaign to go. However, I have not met the 75 orders placed, as there are only 56 so far. So, I need your help in C7, as I need at least 21 people to place orders this campaign! Will you help me by making sure you get an order placed, no matter how small? I have confidence that you will, so thanks in advance!

Be sure to take note of the special deal on lipsticks in C8. You will earn 50% on every 5 lipsticks ordered, so just be aware of that when placing your order. It could be that you will want to add another one to an order that is short so you will get the higher earnings. Choose a color you like or one that you know a customer buys regularly. It's also a great time to check back on your customer orders through the Web Office so you can know who orders lipsticks and be sure to let them know about the 5 for $20 offer. I had a customer add to her order yesterday to make sure she was getting 5 lipsticks and would get the better price.

I haven't added any one to our team lately, but I hope to accomplish that goal tomorrow night by getting my customer, Mary S., started with her business. Anytime you are ready to start working on building your team, just let me know. I know that Susanne Walters is actively looking for representatives for her team, but I'm not hearing from any of the rest of you. Susanne and I will be working a booth together in April, so any recruits from that event will be hers.

Take care, and have a great rest of the week. Happy selling!

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