Monday, March 23, 2015

Crazy for Lipstick!!

Spring fever! Have you got it yet? I think most of us have, especially those living up north who are finally beginning to thaw out and see the sun and the bare ground again, and I hope see some buttercups and crocuses blooming by now. 
These are some of the treasures I can see every time I go out to my front yard. Click on the picture to see a few more of our beauties.

In the spring we began to really enjoy seeing more color everywhere, including, for the women at least, in our clothes, jewelry and makeup. Avon is celebrating spring with a terrific offer for those who are crazy for lipstick. You can get any 5 of them from pages 2-9 of the C8 Avon brochure, for $20. That works out to $4 each, and you won't find a better deal this year. Lipsticks must be ordered in multiples of 5, but you can mix and match from the new Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color, Ultra Color Lipstick, Beyond Color Plumbing Lipstick (or Conditioner), Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick, Ultra Color Lip Crayon, Extra Lasting Lipstain & Balm, or Extra Lasting Lipstick. All together that is more than 120 colors to choose from! Ready to have fun? Go here to get started choosing your favorites!
These are the newest formula and colors,
and you will find them on pg. 3.
96% of the women who tried them
loved the moisturizing feel & smooth texture.

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