Friday, April 17, 2015

The $100 Challenge Offer Continues. Don't miss out!

Well, Tax Day has come and gone. I hope you made the deadline without too much stress, but I am sure some of you came right down to the wire and promised yourselves you would NOT do this again next year. Am I right? Of course I am! 

With the end of Tax Day came the end of Avon's rebate program where they were promising a rebate on the $15 sign up fee if you signed by the end of the day on April 15. However, another great program is just getting started, so it is still a great time to consider starting your Avon business. Below are the details, but be sure to read on below them to see one dozen reasons why you should open up an Avon eStore where your customers can shop. It is easy to do, as Avon does most of the work for you. As soon as you become an Avon representative, Avon will have you set up your personal website at no extra charge! They create and even maintain the sites, however, I recommend that you personalize your site so that it fits you and gives potential customers a way of knowing more about you before ordering. I know you like it when businesses offer the personal touch and I know Avon customers like it as well. 

With each $100+ order a new Representative places in his or her first four Campaigns, they'll "bank" (or reserve) a $20 rebate
and receive a FREE assortment of samples (in her next order).

The Representative will receive the total amount of his or her rebate (up to $80) after placing their fifth order of $100 or more.

They must place a fifth order to receive any rebate that they banked.

When the new Representative places a fifth order of $100 or more, they'll receive another $20 rebate (for a grand total of up to $100) [via check or Direct Deposit].

If the new Representative places consecutive $100+ orders in all four Campaign they'll receive a bonus product bundle
valued at $100(after placing their fifth order).

One Dozen Reasons to Open Your Avon eStore
 1. You can increase your order size and Award Sales above what you earn from personal deliveries. Orders placed at your website for direct delivery from Avon are combined with personal orders to determine your earnings level for the personal orders. (Direct delivery orders earn 20% or 25%, depending upon your sales level, but personal orders can earn up to 50%.)
 2. You can share to Facebook or pin to Pinterest from the Social Media area that Avon provides for its eReps. thereby using your connections to build your business. The best thing to do is set up Facebook and Pinterest business/fan pages for your business and both of those social media sites provide good support for doing so.
 3. You can download a mobile web app so that you can add orders from customers as you get them during your day. 
 4. Avon provides automated emails that you can have sent to your customers to promote your website.
 5. There are online exclusive offers - like Planet Spa and special product bundles - that Avon Reps. without eStores cannot offer their customers.
 6. You might bring in bigger spenders! Statistics show that customers sometimes turn in 50% larger orders when they place them online.
 7. You can keep your customers connected to you, even if they move across the country.
 8. Customers get free shipping on $40 or more orders, and sometimes Avon offers free shipping on smaller orders during special promotions.
 9. You can attract new customers who might prefer shopping online to shopping directly with you. 
10. You have the option of Live Chat if you choose to activate it and let your customers know when you are available to help them make their purchases or answer their questions.
11. You can become a Blogger like I did! There is a spot on your website for a Blog, and you can have a lot of fun writing it and making your website truly personal.
12. You can add representatives to your team through a link on your website and truly begin to build a great business through the efforts of yourself combined with the efforts of others! 

Intrigued by any of these 12 reasons? Go to my website and check it out!! 

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