Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Whew! Things are happening fast lately!

Oh to have enough time to do all that I want to do in the next few days. :) Avon keeps coming up with great incentives and terrific offers like the one below, the season for outdoor events is upon us, (I've worked two with one of my Cloud Climbers the past two weekends), the weather is perfect for getting out and about to meet new people and get extra Avon books out to neighborhoods, I'm picking up new customers almost daily, I've got a new Cloud Climber turning in her first order today, and it is just a thoroughly exciting time to be an Avon Lady!! I love all of it, and I'm trying to keep my head focused on "What's Important Now?" in order to meet all of my personal goals while helping my Cloud Climbers, new and old-timers, to meet theirs. As I am entering my 29th year as The Avon Lady, I'm working harder than ever and enjoying it tremendously.


Here is my most recent newsletter for my Cloud Climbers. If you would like to become one of them, click on the tab above that says "Become an Avon Representative, or just go straight to smoore.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start


 Cloud Climbers C9 Newsletter

Greetings all Cloud Climbers!

First of all I want to welcome a new member to our group, Mary Silcott. Mary started out as a new customer and mentioned that she might get some other orders for me from her friends, so I recommended that she become a representative herself. I sent her some details about how the business works and she made the decision to become one of us! She will be turning in her first order tonight and we already know it will be for over $120. Congratulations on getting your business off to a great start, Mary!

Top Ten in Sales for C9

  1. Sharon Tibbs
  2. Ruby Nunnery 
  3. Brenda Taylor
  4. Shawn Willie
  5. Rene Parker   PC
  6. Caroline McCullough
  7. Gladys Faulk
  8. Susanne Walters   PC
  9. Lacey Harmon
 10. Jessica Roman 

We had 12 representatives with orders over $150, and Susanne and her team member, Jessica, were both in the top ten this campaign. It was Jessica's second order, and she made the top ten last time too. Keep going as well as you are Jessica, and you could stay in the top ten of the Cloud Climbers for your entire Avon career. That's a goal worth shooting for! :)

Those celebrating a birthday in May are Ruby Nunnery on the 20th and Steffanie Erdelt on the 27th. I don't know the ages of all of you, since Avon does not give us the year of your birth, but I am pretty sure that Ruby is our senior member. Notice that she is number two in sales this campaign, and she usually stays in the top ten, at an age when many people are slowing down. No rocking chair for Ruby, at least not until her customers are taken care of and she has some time to rest! I'm pretty sure that Lacey Harmon is our youngest cloud climber, and she is also in the top ten this campaign. I still remember the day I signed you, Lacey, when I was waiting at the wrong Jack's in Madison. You were on a tight schedule because of it being your lunch hour and already having wasted time with the mix-up on locations, but you still came to where I was to do the appointment after we discovered the problem.

We have five Avon anniversaries being celebrated in May: Maria Loza - 4 years on the 9th, Sharon Wells - 1 year on the 14th, Yvonne Lassiter - 14 years on the 19th, Darren Manahan - 3 years on the 19th, and Dot Kelly - 1 year on the 29th. Congratulations to all of these on their accomplishments! I hope to see your names on the May list for many years to come.

I recently wrote in a blog post (cloudclimbingbeauty.com) about 12 reasons to open your own Avon eStore. These were from one of the Avon calls that I listened to and I thought they were pretty good reasons. If you still have not set up your eStore, or if you have one but have not personalized it and are not promoting it, please read these and see if you might want to change the way you are handling your business to take advantage of some of these benefits.

One Dozen Reasons to Open Your Avon eStore

 1. You can increase your order size and Award Sales above what you earn from personal deliveries. Orders placed at your website for direct delivery from Avon are combined with personal orders to determine your earnings level for the personal orders. (Direct delivery orders earn 20% or 25%, depending upon your sales level, but personal orders can earn up to 50%.)
 2. You can share to Facebook or pin to Pinterest from the Social Media area that Avon provides for its eReps. thereby using your connections to build your business. The best thing to do is set up Facebook and Pinterest business/fan pages for your business and both of those social media sites provide good support for doing so.
 3. You can download a mobile web app so that you can add orders from customers as you get them during your day. 
 4. Avon provides automated emails that you can have sent to your customers to promote your website.
 5. There are online exclusive offers - like Planet Spa and special product bundles - that Avon Reps. without eStores cannot offer their customers.
 6. You might bring in bigger spenders! Statistics show that customers sometimes turn in 50% larger orders when they place them online.
 7. You can keep your customers connected to you, even if they move across the country.
 8. Customers get free shipping on $40 or more orders, and sometimes Avon offers free shipping on smaller orders during special promotions.
 9. You can attract new customers who might prefer shopping online to shopping directly with you. 
10. You have the option of Live Chat if you choose to activate it and let your customers know when you are available to help them make their purchases or answer their questions.
11. You can become a Blogger like I did! There is a spot on your website for a Blog, and you can have a lot of fun writing it and making your website truly personal.
12. You can add representatives to your team through a link on your website and truly begin to build a great business through your efforts combined with the efforts of others!

If you need any help setting up your eStore or understanding any of these 12 points, please call me at 256-479-4061. I would love to help you take advantage of everything Avon provides for you.

Well, for most of us, C10 orders are due before midnight tonight. I believe there are only two Cloud Climbers who are on a different schedule. So, I hope everyone is working hard to get some last minute orders from their customers. One way you can do that is by checking on your YA Web Office home page in the bottom right corner where you see a box that looks like this:


When you click that box it will take you to a page where you will be able to view all your customers who have not placed orders within the last three campaigns and what they most recently ordered. That way you can contact those customers, especially if you know items they ordered are on sale, and see if they need those items replenished. It's a great tool, and I believe it is often overlooked and underused.

That's enough for now. I hope you can get out and enjoy these beautiful days, but don't forget to always carry an Avon book with you if you leave your abode to do so. If you are just working in your yard, I'll forgive you for not having an Avon book on your person. ;)

Sandra Moore

p.s. Let me hear from you if you have any ideas or tips that you would like to share with the team. You can also post those on our FB page - Cloud Climbers Avon Unit. If you are on Facebook and not on that page, let me know so I can add you.
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