Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What's Your Why?

Do you ever take time in your busy day to pause for a moment and ask yourself "Why?" "Why do I do what I do?" I hope that your ultimate goal in all that you do is the same as mine - to glorify God and get ready to be with Him when this busy life is over. With that being said, what reasons do you have for choosing the way you spend your time on your journey?

In the network marketing world, which I am very much a part of, we are often asked to think about our "Why?" When I am appointing new Avon representatives to my team, one of the things we talk about is goal setting. There is a page titled "What would you like to achieve?" in our Believe training book where a new representative is asked to write their first goal (what they want to do with the first money they make) and their long term goal (the main purpose they are starting their business and what they would do if money were no object). That long term goal is their "Why?" If they don't have a good "Why?", chances are they will not be very successful in their business. "Why not?" you may ask. Well...in a perfect world, all will go perfectly. But we don't live in a perfect world and therefore all will NOT go perfectly. I tell my new representatives that this page is important and to spend some time thinking about it before writing down those goals, because this is the page they need to refer back to when they get discouraged at times, and I emphasize that they WILL get discouraged at times. It is simply a fact of life and business. 

I asked some of my Cloud Climbers to share their "Why?" with me and these are replies that I received:

Carolyn says: My "why" is mainly personal use. However, when my friends and co workers found out that I am an Avon Rep. I began picking up a few customers along the way. So I am just sharing products that I already believe in with them.

Rene says: My why is to replace income my husband will lose when he retires. He is ready to retire but because of several factors we need his income. We are working toward making Avon profitable enough to offset the loss.

Susanne says: I have always liked the idea of working for myself, having my own business in my home where I can work when I want to and be available when I need to. I was a stay at home mum for the years my children were little and I wish someone had introduced me to Avon then. It would have been so easy to load one or even two in the stroller and take them out for a walk around the neighborhood. It was so easy to meet people when you had a baby or toddler in tow. All stay at home mums long for adult company.  I work now, not every day but it seems as though there is always requests for my time on my days off. I really enjoy the company of my customers especially those I see in their home. They become friends as well as customers. I am looking forward to having friendly relations with recruits working under me; just meeting for a coffee while we are out and about because they, like me will also be their own boss and able to come and go as they please. Avon is the vehicle I need to get me to the life I want to lead. One of the most important reasons I want to be an Avon representative is to make my money go further. Avon prices are all very reasonable but when you can get 20-50% off everything you buy why shop anywhere else.

Kimberly says: I want to go back to school and I need to make money to pay for my education. I ultimately want to open my own business, but I'm not sure what I want to sell.  

(Well, Kimberly, you just opened your own business, and you sell Avon products! Yay for you! That goal was met faster than you expected, wasn't it?)

My personal "Why?" has changed a little from when I started my business 28 years ago. At that time I had just become a stay-at-home mom and when my Avon representative (Mrs. Donie Durham) asked if I wanted to become a representative myself, I decided it would be a good way to meet new people and make a little extra money, while saving money on the Avon products I already loved. I started with a small business, and as the kids grew and became more independent, I built it up and got into Avon Leadership - the recruiting and mentoring part of the business. Now, as my husband prepares to retire, my "Why?" involves a desire to build a nice nest egg and income from online sales as well as personal local sales, which is the "Why?" that lead me to begin writing this blog.  

So...What's your why? Is what you are doing getting you where you want to be? Would you like to join me on my journey and allow me to be your mentor? You can contact me directly with questions about the Avon business, or read this earlier post to see many of the details. If you are ready to get started today, I'm ready to help you on your way. Let's work on your "Why?" together!

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