Monday, May 18, 2015

Produce Profit by Pinning

Are any of you working with Pinterest and creating boards? It's really a lot of fun, although it can take a bit of time. What I do is try to pin to a couple of my boards (I have them divided out for different Avon categories) every day or two, particularly just after our websites roll to the next campaign. Last week I pinned to AVON Jewelry and AVON Fine Jewelry. Then I shared my AVON Fine Jewelry board on my FB business page and also with several FB groups I am a part of, and now I'm sharing it here.

If you are going to work with Pinterest and build boards for your Avon business, it is very important that you know how to do it properly. There are several Avon representatives who are unknown to me but who have started following my boards. These representatives will share my pins to their own boards. Now, I am fine with them doing that, as it may bring business to me, but if they realized that they were sending people to MY eStore, not their own, I'm sure they would stop doing it. I'm certainly not going to tell them. ;)  I will tell you, though, so you don't make that mistake. If you want to send people to your own eStore, DO NOT share Avon pins from other Avon representatives' boards. Here is the easy and proper way to pin. Go to your eStore and put in the product number of the product you want to pin. (I take the brochure and flip through it to see what items I want to pin.) When it comes up, DO NOT pin it from there. Click on the item that shows up and it will take you to the page where you would order the item. Now you can look below the item and use the icon for Pinterest to pin the item.* I suggest that you click on the description of the item once it goes to Pinterest and add your website link at the bottom for added backup. Then you can pin the item to the board you want. The reason I suggest the added backup of putting your eStore address is that Pinterest cannot verify our websites because they do not have the functionality to verify anything with a / yet. I hope they get that fixed soon. Because we are unable to verify our websites, sometimes people will get a warning message when they click on one of our pins. I think having the backup eStore address in there might reassure people that it is safe to continue to our eStore.

I hope these tips help you if you decide to get busy in the Pinterest world. One of the Avon reps. who sells the most products online says many of her customers found her through Pinterest. It takes time to build up an online clientele, so you must be consistent in your posting and pinning to get followers. I have 224 followers now, and I hope to build that number to 1,000 and beyond. A few new ones start following me every week now.

 *Once you are on the item that you want to pin, if you click it again a window with a beautiful clear picture of the item will appear. It is this picture that you would right click and save to your computer for using in other applications, like in a blog post, to email to someone who asks about a product, to post several pictures to Facebook, etc. 

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