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ANEW Skin Care - Part 2

In my last post I introduced you to the Avon Skincare Institute and some of the innovations that Avon has made in skin care over the past 40 years. In this post I continue with information about skin care and its benefits.*

7 Sins for Skin

Although skin starts aging the moment you're born, the signs
generally don't start appearing until you're around 30.
while you can't stop skin from aging completely, 
you can keep it looking youthful longer. 
Here are 7 things to keep in mind.

1. The Sun:  Aging specifically caused by UV rays is called photo-aging. Sun exposure dries skin, thickens the epidermis, and slows down cell renewal, which leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. You should avoid spending long periods of time in the sun and wear sunscreen daily.

2. Smoking: Smoking deprives skin of nutrients and oxygen, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Smoking also causes harmful free radicals, which weaken collagen and elasticity, accelerating the aging process.

3. Stress and Lack of Sleep:  Stress and lack of sleep can lead to dryness, sensitivity, acne, excess oil, or lackluster skin. Getting enough restorative sleep is vital to give your skin time to repair and rejuvenate.

4. Pollution:  Pollutants in the air coat skin with grime that can block pores. Free radicals can break down skin's structure, leading to wrinkles, roughness, dehydration, and loss of elasticity.

5. Facial Expressions:  The 15,000 facial expressions you make every day can damage skin. Frowning, smiling, squinting -- the constant movement of facial muscles causes skin fibers to slacken. Over time, these creases become wrinkles. 

6. Everyday Diet:  Fast food, sugar, and empty calories can wreck your waistline and your skin. The more nutrient dense your diet is, the healthier your skin will be. Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants.

7. Sleep Positions:  The way you sleep can increase the appearance of wrinkles. Side sleeping can cause lines on your chin and cheeks. Sleeping face down can create lines on your forehead. Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent lines. 

Skin Ages & Stages

Everyone tends to age differently, 
depending on your genetics, lifestyle and overall health.
However, there are visible signs that are common 
for every age range and stage of life.

30s - EARLY  
  • Skin begins to lose its natural radiance, looking more tired, stressed and dull. 
  • Gradual loss of clarity, resulting in uneven skin tone.
  • Skin repairs itself at a slower rate and dryness may increase.
  • Fine lines appear along with visible photo damage.
  • Signs of fine lines near the eyes.
  • Some loss of elasticity.
  • Skin repair and hydration continue to decrease.
  • More wrinkles, roughness, discoloration, and unevenness appear.
  • Pores and age spots enlarge, along with sagging around eyes, cheeks, and jawline. 
  • Skin repair and hydration significantly decrease.
  • Epidermis gets thinner.

I have found in my 28 years as an Avon representative that most of my skin care customers are in their 50s and beyond, but as you can see, you should definitely begin to be concerned about your skin care regimen by the time you are in your 30s.

The Beauty of a Skin Care Regimen

Following a consistent skin care routine is the best way
to achieve radiant results everyone will notice.
Luckily, it's as simple as these four steps.

Step 1Cleanse:  Cleansing skin helps eliminate excess oil, debris, and makeup while refreshing skin. Thoroughly wash with your Anew cleanser and gently rinse with warm water.

Step 2Treat:  Concentrated and powerful, treatments deliver results targeted toward specific skin concerns. Apply your Anew Clinical treatment to dry skin after cleansing.

Step 3.  Moisturize:  A day moisturizer with SPF hydrates and helps protect against sun damage, while night creams help repair and rejuvenate. Apply your Anew moisturizer by using small, firm circular movements, taking care to avoid the delicate eye area.

Step 4.  Eye:  Designed to work for the eye area, Anew eye creams help correct the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, sagging, or crow's-feet. Use your ring finger (your weakest finger) to gently apply cream, starting at the inner corner of the eye, moving outward, and then above the eye and below the brow. 

Skin Care Tips:  
  • Wash your hands before applying products to avoid transfer of bacteria.
  • Always apply serums and moisturizers on cleansed, dry skin. When using both, apply serum first. 
  • Apply creams in circular movements on face and use a gentle tapping motion around eyes.

In Anew Skin Care - Part 3, I will conclude this series with more detailed information about the Anew Product Line so that you are well informed and able to select the products that best treat your skin care concerns.

* Most of the information contained in this post comes from a skin care guide provided by Avon for their Representatives.

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