Friday, June 5, 2015

Cloud Climbers C12 Newsletter

 (This is the newsletter I send to my team members each campaign.)

Greetings fellow Cloud Climbers! And haven't we had some beautiful cloudscapes to enjoy this week? I'm always wanting to stop the car to take a picture and often I do just that. I've got a Facebook friend who is a fellow cloud lover and we share pictures with each other.

I hope you have all received your C12 orders by now. I had forgotten about the delay in delivery because of Memorial Day so I was surprised to see the UPS truck zip right past my house on Friday. Of course, as soon as it happened the reason came to my mind. I didn't get deliveries started until yesterday, though, so I have quite a few to get done today and tomorrow.

Top Ten in Sales for C12

 1. Rene Parker   PC
 2. Darren Mannahan
 3. Brenda Taylor
 4. Mary Silcott
 5. Kimberly Moore   (NEW)
 6. Susanne Walters   PC
 7. Steffanie Erdelt
 8. Ruby Nunnery
 9. Patsy Cloud
10. Gladys Faulk 

Sales have slowed down a little for most of you, as only the top eight of those listed above had sales over $150. I imagine part of the problem is the end of the school year activities for many people, including our customers. I hope sales will pick up with this campaign, especially with the need for Bug Guard as people start getting outdoors more.

Once again we had three Cloud Climbers with online sales at their eStores this past campaign, but it was a different three: Susanne Walters, Ashley Baldwin, and Benetta Staten. Congratulations ladies! Keep promoting those websites, as there are many people who simply prefer to order their products online these days, even when they live in our local area. I was just emailing with one of my own customers who lives in Madison but prefers to shop online for direct delivery from Avon. People who choose direct delivery can request that Avon send them a free brochure, but I still drop off an Avon book now and then when I'm working in their area if they have not placed an order in awhile.

Kimberly Moore earned a bundle of samples for having $100 in orders during her first campaign in the Hit 100! Challenge. She has also banked $20 as part of that challenge. Keep up the good work, Kimberly!! You can earn again in C13 with another $100 in orders.

My biggest challenge for this campaign has been that I am now eligible to receive leads from ALMA and they have started coming faster than I expected. Some days I will get two or three of them. So why is my team not growing rapidly you may ask? Because most ALMA leads are from people who are not genuinely interested in becoming Avon representatives.
I hate to say that is the case, but it is what it is. I think many of them are just "applying for jobs" with Avon as a way to report to government agencies that they are applying for jobs and keep benefits coming. Either that or they do it to try to beat the system in some other way that I'm not aware of. Some of them will even pay the $15 and start themselves in business without ever having the intention to even attempt to sell Avon products. I've done many appointments in person through the years where I felt like I was probably wasting my time, and many times I was right. One of the weirdest was appointing a beautiful young girl who could have done great as a representative, but she could not even give me a good address for products to be shipped to as she was between residences, moving to another state, had no source of income but still had just come from the nail salon to meet with me, etc. Naturally, I was never to hear from her again and she never turned in an order. That brings to mind several of the other "dud" appointments I have done through the years. Oh, the stories I could tell. How about the lady who kept her TV on loudly, answered the phone as we got started, and told the person she was talking to "I'm here signing up for this Mary Kay." Oh yeah, that happened. I knew that appointment was going nowhere. ;)

However, every lead must be followed up on in several ways and for several days before they can be either appointed, self-appoint, or be reported as not interested. All of that takes time and effort and I do it knowing that much of the time and effort is for naught. BUT, our team will eventually end up with a few gems like all of you great Cloud Climbers, so that is why I do what I do. :) :)  In fact, two of my ALMA leads did self appoint, and I'm happy to welcome Ashley Dominguez of Madison, Tenn., and Latisha Slack of Nashville, Tenn., to our team. I'm working with both of them virtually to help them get off to a great start with Avon. Ashley and Latisha, I hope you are ready to work, because you can have fun while building a good business if you have the desire to do so and will put forth the required effort.

Susanne Walters and I were supposed to have a vendor booth at the Simply Southern Extravaganza Hornets' Nest Market Place at Highland Rim Elementary School in Fayetteville last Saturday, but the event was postponed due to rain that was expected to come that day. I don't think it rained until about 5:00 that evening and that was a brief shower, but rain was predicted and the call had to be made in advance, so there you go. We are to do it in August now. If you know of any vendor events that are going on this summer and you would like to have a booth at one just let me know. I have the tent, tables, chairs, table covers, etc., and will work with you. We can share the expense of the booth, and any recruits we got would be yours. Recruits that you contact face to face are generally likely to be good ones.
If you still haven't visited my blog, I hope that you will go to and take a look. Strangely enough, most of the recent visitors to the blog have been from the Ukraine. I understand they have Avon reps. in the Ukraine, but I don't know why I'm getting viewers from there. Help me build up my presence in the USofA by visiting the site if just for a few moments!  Thank you in advance for your support. Do you have any news to report that I can share with our team? I'll be happy to report weddings, births, work promotions, good tips, anything you want to celebrate. Give me content to help make these newsletters interesting.

That's it for now. Have a great rest of the week. Oh, and don't forget to watch the new installment of WebTV that you will see on the YA homepage. Here's a great cloudscape with a few motivational words for you.

Until next time,

Sandra Moore, 

Cloud Climbers Unit Leader

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