Friday, September 18, 2015

C19 AVON Cloud Climbers Newsletter

(This is the newsletter I prepare for my downline representatives each campaign.)

 Hello All,

It's order sorting day for me and my order has arrived. But I am making myself leave it sitting in the garage until I get this newsletter done! I've just listened to an online Leadership call, or at least the last half of it, and I want to share at least one new thing that I learned from it. In the past, Avon has required that when you recommend a person to begin their Avon business and they decide to give it a go, you must join me in meeting with them to get them started if you want to receive credit for them and begin to build your team. No longer is that the case! Now you can recommend someone to me and I can talk with them and get them started without your presence. This is great news, because I know many of you work full time in addition to working your Avon business and it is hard for you to have time to devote to getting people started and working with them. Here's a tip that works in many areas of life, including Avon team building: Don't ever make a decision for someone, but let them decide for themselves. In other words, don't think "This one would not be interested in making money with Avon so I won't even tell them about the opportunity." Let everyone know that they can start a business for only $15 and let them decide whether they want to or not. I have a standard email that I send to potential recruits that explains the details of the business and they can make an informed decision with no pressure.
So start turning those names in to me today so I can contact them!

Here's a peak at the District Recognition Boards that include members of our team:


As you can see, Ruby Nunnery is #3 in the top non-PC established representatives for Sales so far this year and Maria Loza is #6 in Sales Increase for the same category. Congratulations Cloud Climbers! Ruby, I hope to see you as an honoree at the event this year instead of just my honored guest. Just $4,000 in sales will take you there and you have 7 campaigns to do it. With what we have to offer this holiday season, that is certainly doable.

Speaking of what we have to offer for the holidays this year, I found our first Christmas season What's New and the Avon Living What's New in my order today. (I took a break from writing to bring in my order before my hubby gets home, since it was blocking his parking space.) I've seen most of the items in the video sent out by Shana, but I look forward to studying them better later tonight while relaxing in my recliner. Avon has really put together a great line up for us, so make sure that you order plenty of brochures so you can let all your customers see the items and also use them to find new customers. Here's a good tip I learned from a top seller of Avon: Take 10 brochures with you and go door to door in your own neighborhood or another one close by. Start knocking on those doors and asking whether they would like a brochure and don't quit until all 10 brochures have been given out. Make sure that you speak with a person and get their name and either a phone number or email address if they take a brochure. That's step one. Step two is follow up, and that is just as important. Do not turn in your next order without checking with that person to see what they want to order. Don't expect them to contact you, you contact them. The weather is perfect for doing door to door customer searching right now, you know you can use the exercise, and this is a proven method of getting new customers.

I also found in my order our next Preferred Preview, so I'll give you the heads up on that right now in case you did not have an order this campaign and therefore did not receive the notice. The PP is for the upcoming fragrance duo for him and her - Attraction. It includes Eau de Parfum for Her, Eau de Toilette Spray for Him, Discovermore Due Sample Cards (5 of them), Attraction for Her Shower Gel and Body Lotion, and Attraction for Him After Shave Conditioner and Hair & Body Wash. The total value is $105.25 and you pay only $30. If you are signed up for PP and do not want this offer, call 1-866-516-2866 before 11:00 p.m. our time on October 18.

Top 10 in Sales for C19

1. Susanne Walters  PC
2. Steffanie Erdelt
3. Magalis Justiniano
4. Rene Parker  PC
5. Ruby Nunnery
6. Gladys Faulk
7. Darren Mannahan
8. Lacey Harmon
9. Amy Odell
10. Barbie Breen

I was excited to see that sales are picking up for most of you. In fact, we had 15 representatives with orders over $100 this campaign, which was a definite improvement from the last one! Yay!!

Just in case anyone is interested in seeing how their team leader is doing, I'm happy to see my name on three boards in the District Recognition. I have no intention of losing my #2 spot on the first board and I hope to move up to at lease #3 on the second one. I'd also like to see it climb a little higher on the total Recruits board, but this has been a slow year for me in that department. Fortunately, I am blessed to have kept most of my team intact for the year, even though it is not growing rapidly, thanks to all of you sticking with your businesses.


Now I am off to sort my order, so I shall say goodbye for now. Let me hear from you if you need anything, and especially if you need me to contact a potential recruit for you.

Sandra Moore

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