Friday, October 23, 2015

C22 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter

(This is my newsletter for my downline team members. I produce a new one every two weeks to encourage and motivate them toward new heights. If you would like to be a Cloud Climber too, it's very easy. Go here to get started today, or here to learn more about how the business works.)

Happy Friday!!

I know a lot of you, most of you in fact, work at full time jobs in addition to your Avon business, and most of those jobs do not involve weekend work, so I guess you get excited about Fridays. Since Avon is my full time job, Fridays are not such a big deal for me. I actually love Mondays, because those are generally my days to get the house back in order from the busy weekend and work on different business things at home. Today and tomorrow I'm mostly getting the house in order for a gathering of Seed Sowers from church that will be meeting at our house Sunday night. We haven't had a big group here in awhile, so the clutter has gotten a bit much and must be organized somewhat. :)

This has been a busy week for me Avon wise, because I have added several new customers and it looks like my order will be at least double what it was last campaign - which was a low one. It seems that people are getting into the Christmas shopping mood and I'm thankful they are doing some of that shopping with me!
I hope your C23 order is a good one as well. If things go according to plan, I'll have my customer reminder out to you before the day is over.

Top 10 in Sales for C22

1. Susanne Walters   PC
  (She came close to beating me this campaign!
 2. Barbie Breen
 3. Ruby Nunnery
 4. Rene Parker   PC
 5. Maria Loza
 6. Magalis Justiniano
 7. Steffanie Erdelt
 8. Brenda Taylor
 9. Candice Haze   NEW
10. Darren Mannahan

Congratulations to Candice Haze for making it into the Top 10 in Sales for her first campaign, and for hitting the Hit $100 Challenge for her first campaign! I appreciate Candice for being goal oriented and even asking me what goal I had set for her for the next campaign. My goal is for her to Hit $100 for her first 5 campaigns and earn the $100 bonus and I expect she will do it too, because she is a hard worker. For making the first campaign goal she earned a product/sample bundle. I'm not sure what is in that, but I know it will be good Avon stuff including items she can use to continue to build her business.

Three Cloud Climbers had Direct Delivery orders this campaign: Candice Haze, Rene Parker, and Susanne Walters. Congratulations ladies! I'm sure that more of you could be getting these DD orders if you promoted your pages. Don't you think so? Come on! Give it a try!!

I saw four Cloud Climbers on the District Recognition page for C22: Susanne Walters is #8 in Recruiting, Maria Loza is #4 in Sales Increase of Non-PC members, Steffanie Erdelt is #8 in the same category, and Ruby Nunnery is #5 in Sales for Non-PC members. I love seeing my team members on these lists!

In cleaning up my house this morning, I ran across some materials from an Avon meeting I attended some time ago with some business strategy tips that I want to share with you. I'll share one in this newsletter and others in the next couple of newsletters.

Business Strategy. Try to add at least one new customer every campaign.
A common mistake business owners in direct selling make is selling to the same 5-10 customers (usually family and friends) each business cycle. The problem is that the same customers do not always place consistent orders every campaign. The only way to win is to have new customers every campaign. If only 30%
(which is about the average percentage for most representatives) of your customers order out of a customer base of 10, that is only 3 customer orders. You know you are in business when you begin to interact with people you don't know. As a business owner, challenge yourself to build a new business by adding new customers every campaign. Here are a few tips for doing this:
  • Order an Avon badge with your name on it from Town & Country on the YourAvon home page under "Avon Advantage Partners," and then wear it wherever you go that it is appropriate - shopping, delivering orders, ball games, out to eat, etc.
  • Put a sticker on your vehicle with your Avon information. You can get these from Town & Country as well.
  • Wear Avon logo items from Town & Country.
  • Ask me for a button that says something like "Hello. I'm the Avon Lady." I have a few of these that I can share.
  • Carry one or two extra brochures with you and have them sticking out of your purse if possible. Put a sticky note on the front of each one and when you give one to a new person, write their name and number on the sticky note and keep it so you can call them for an order.
  • Every time you meet someone new, be sure to work into the conversation that you are an Avon Representative and offer them a brochure if they don't ask you for one first.
  • Do cold calling if you aren't too shy. (And if you are too shy, get over it! ;] ) Just find a neighborhood near you, perhaps even your own, and go door to door if soliciting is allowed there. You don't have to ring the bell if you aren't willing to be that "pushy," just leave a brochure with your contact info at the door. It's always best to get contact info from the people you leave books with, but this works for using older brochures you might have left over from the previous two campaigns.
  • I recently wrote a note to go into Swag Bags for the Gingerbread Marketplace that will be taking place on November 14. I won't be at the event, in fact I'll be at another event in Providence, but they offered the opportunity to put items into 150 swag bags for only $10 and I accepted the offer. I'll let you know later if I get any orders or recruits from that event. I wrote the note as "$$ Be a Smartee and Shop From Your Seat Not Your Feet $$" and attached my business card and a roll of Smartee candies to each one. I am attaching that flyer to this newsletter in case you want to change it to make it suitable for your own use. You can use it without the candy attached as an insert for brochures you hand out to new people, which is what I am doing with it now.

I'd better close out this newsletter and get on to my Customer Reminder so I can meet my own goals for the day. Let me know if I can help you with your business in any way. Or just call me to say "hi" if you like and to let me know that you read this newsletter. :) Also, please take a look at the District 1139 Facebook page now and then, as well as our own Cloud Climbers FB page. If you have any tips for the other reps. in either of those groups, we'd sure like for you to share them.

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