Tuesday, December 22, 2015

C25 & C26 Cloud Climbers Newsletter

This is the newsletter I send to my downline to report on how we are doing each campaign. With a new year comes a new time to consider starting your own business. Why not see if Avon is the perfect fit for you?

Holiday Greetings!

Because Avon has done a speed up on the campaigns at the end of the year, we have closed out C26 before I've gotten the C25 newsletter done. Therefore, I'm going to speed up my own reporting and combine the last two campaigns of the year into this one newsletter.

Top Ten in Award Sales for C25 -
All with Award Sales over $150. 1. Rene Parker  PC   
Ruby Nunnery
 3. Steffanie Erdelt
 4. Carolyn King
 5. Darren Mannahan
 6. Susanne Walters  PC
 7. Annie Watts
 8. Barbie Breen
 9. Caroline McCullough
10. Brenda Taylor

Top Ten in Award Sales for C26 - All with Award Sales over $150.

1. Rene Parker   PC   #1 in Award Sales for the year with $10,647.
 2. Gladys Faulk
 3. Lacey Harmon
 4. Susanne Walters   PC   #3 in Award Sales for the year with $7,982.
 5. Steffanie Erdelt
 6. Caroline McCullough
 7. Ruby Nunnery    #2 in Award Sales for the year with $8,231.
 8. Carolyn King
 9. Magalis Justiniano
10. Brenda Taylor
Cheryl Webb received a 1st Campaign Bundle and banked $20 for having an order of over $100 in the Hit $100 Challenge. Congratulations Cheryl!

There were 2 Cloud Climbers with direct delivery orders at their eStores in C26: Barbie Breen and Rene Parker.

Happy Birthday to Gladys Faulk, Susanne Walters, Tawana Frails, and Lois Johnson - all celebrating in December. Lois was a New Year's Eve baby many years ago.

We only have one Cloud Climber with an Avon Anniversary in December and that is Suheidy Colon, who is celebrating her 3rd anniversary as an Avon Lady. Congratulations, Suheidy! I hope to have you continue on our team for many more years. Perhaps you will one day be celebrating your 30th anniversary, as I will be in 2017.

We don't have any new team members to report, but I'm hoping that with the new year there will be some people who decide to "bite the bullet" and finally start their own direct sales business and that they will choose Avon. After all, we do have the best one! In fact, I believe this would be a good day to re-post my blog about the Avon business to my FB business page. If any of you are inclined to let your own friends and acquaintances know about the business, I would very much appreciate any help you can give toward building our team. I imagine by now most of you have read about the changes coming to Avon in 2016. It should be a good year for us and a good year for others to join us. In case you have forgotten, you can recommend anyone through a link when you sign into www.youravon.com and you can also tell anyone to go to startavon.com and enter your code, which is the last part of your eStore URL after the /, and they can start themselves online and you will get credit for them as your recruit.

While I'm waiting on my C1 order to come today, I think I shall go out and get my almost last minute Christmas shopping done. I do a lot of my shopping online, some of it through myself of course, but there are a few things that I need to buy locally so I'm finally going to get that done. I'm a "I hate to shop" person, so I don't tackle the crowds unless I absolutely have to! I'd better do it today, because I'll be very busy getting those last minute orders out to my customers tomorrow and Thursday morning. Then it's Christmas and I'll be having fun!! I'm praying you will have a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends, and safe journeys if you are traveling.


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