Tuesday, February 2, 2016

C4 Avon Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter

This is my newsletter for my Cloud Climbers Team. I write one every campaign to stay in touch with them. 

Hello All!

I'm getting more and more excited about the great things that are happening this spring with Avon. I imagine by now you have seen the car that we all have a chance of winning, and have read about what you need to do to get your entries in. We've had cars won in our area in the past, and we can do it again!! If I get it, I'm selling it and buying a metallic red SUV to do my deliveries in. There's also good news about EZ returns coming in March, and you can read about it early on the Cloud Climbers Avon Unit FB page. (Here's a hint: Avon will be saving you some money every month.)

Sales are improving as we move toward Valentine's Day, as I knew they would. I'm happy to once again be able to have 10 people on this list, all with sales over $100. The top 8 had sales over $150, with Rene Parker leading with sales of over $450!!

Top Ten in Sales

 1. Rene Parker  PC
 2. Darren Mannahan
 3. Gladys Faulk
 4. Lacey Harmon
 5. Steffanie Erdelt
 6. Brenda Taylor
 7. Benetta Staten
 8. Barbie Breen
 9. Susanne Walters
10. Shawn Willie

We've rolled into February, and several are celebrating Avon Anniversaries this month: Nikia Banks (5 years on 2/3), Susanne Walters (2 years on 2/12), Ruby Nunnery(36 years! on 2/14), Claire Philadelphia (23 years on 2/19), and Virginia Washington (7 years on 2/23). Congratulations for sticking with your Avon businesses through the sunny and cloudy days! I'm glad you are on my team and hope you stay for many more years. 

Birthdays are always pretty special, and we have a few of those in February as well:  Angie Price on 2/13, Rene Parker on 2/16, Benetta Staten on 2/24, Annie Watts on 2/25, and Magalis Justiniano on 2/26. Hmmm, I wonder which one is the senior partner? I know all of these except Annie, whom I've never met, so I can't say for sure.

We have no new team members to report this campaign, but I'm expecting one to sign online at my Start Avon link today. You do know that you have a "Start Avon" link, don't you? Try typing in the part of your eStore URL that comes after the slash (for me it is smoore) and then type .avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start and see what comes up. You can also type it with .avonrepresentative.com/opportunity and see that site. The first one goes directly to the signing page while the second one lets them look at the details and then move to the signing page. Those links take Potential Recruits to the StartAvon.com sites, but they are pre-filled with your links so that the PRs would be signing directly with you. If they go to StartAvon.com you have to give them your code, (which is that same thing after the / in your URL) to make sure they are signed under you. 

Speaking of your URL, did you see that you can earn a free bottle of the newest fragrance for women, Daydream, by having $100 in orders at your eStore this week? The offer is good from yesterday through Weds. and I expect to get mine because I have a new customer who ordered $70 worth of product yesterday, so I only need one more $30 order and I'm promoting the free gifts with purchase and the free shipping offers this week. I don't know who she is, but I'm guessing I left an Avon book at her house when I was doing a customer search recently. 

Looks like we have dark clouds on the horizon, weather-wise, so stay safe! Speaking of which, go to the Cloud Climbers Facebook page to see a photo you can use to promote your eStore when the weather is bad.

Thanks so much for being on my team!!

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