Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Incentives! Incentives! Incentives!

How many of you need incentives to keep you motivated to do what needs to be done? I know that they help me.* Avon knows it as well, so they are always putting incentives before us to keep us on track. They offer incentives to customers as well, most of them in the form of Coupon Codes that change every few days. You can keep up with the current codes by clicking on the tab at the top of this blog, but the best way is to go to my eStore and register your email address so that you receive email notification when a new incentive is offered. Here's an example of the type of email you will receive:

The email will contain a clickable link to my eStore and will generally contain a coupon code (in this example the code is ACCESSORIZE) to use to take advantage of the advertised offer. That code must be entered as the customer is checking out to receive the free gift or discount in the offer. There are sometimes more codes available during the same time period, and the customer must choose the one best suited for their purchase. Some codes are for free Avon products, some are for discounts on total purchases, and some are for free shipping. There are two codes that have been available for quite awhile and will probably stay available for some time to come - WELCOME for a discount on a first order and THANKYOU20 for a discount on a second order. Those codes can only be used one time each. 

Avon also has incentives for representatives in various categories: 

  • Encouraging us to build our online eStore business, 

  • Encouraging us to build our total sales, and


  • Encouraging us to add new representatives to the Avon family.

Those who take advantage of the incentives to share the Avon opportunity have the option of participating in the "Refer a Friend" program and just earning cash with each representative they recommend who is appointed successfully, or they can actively work to build a team of representatives (as I have done with the Cloud Climbers) that they mentor and receive the added benefit of earning from the sales of their team members.

Yes, incentives are great, and I am always excited to learn about the latest ones and make my plans for what I need to do to earn whatever is being offered. Sometimes I even order at my own eStore to take advantage of the offers there and to earn the incentive for online sales. I like getting free Avon products as much as my customers do! 

*Of course, my greatest incentive to do right and stay right is the one that the Great I Am has given me - a place in His church and a home with Him. Daily I keep that incentive before me and strive to be sure that all that I do glorifies Him.

How do I become an Avon representative and how much does it cost? 

How do I order Avon online?


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