Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Terrific Tuesday: Anew Clean!

I promised to get my Terrific Tuesday post out today, after missing it last week due to my mission trip, and get it out I shall! This week I am going to feature several products, but they are all under the same product line, our new Anew Clean customized cleansers for your unique beauty. 

"Clean skin is the first step to beautiful skin, and our new collection offers the perfect cleanser for every skin type and any need, plus a turbocharged brush that takes your cleansing routine to the next level." 
(Campaign 15 brochure, page 5) 

The Campaign 15 Avon brochure, in which we introduce these new cleansers, is live now at my eStore, so you can browse the brochure to read more and order, you can use the search bar to look for the product that is right for your needs, or you can search under the Skin Care heading to find your perfect cleanser. The former Anew Cleansers for the various Anew lines (Vitale, Reversalist, Ultimate, and Platinum) have been discontinued and replaced by this line of cleansers. No longer is your cleanser tied to your chosen Anew line, now you choose the one that is best suited for your unique skin and beauty needs.

Anew Clean Comforting Cream Cleanser & Mask
Normal/Dry (dull and rough with barely visible pores)

Restores moisture so dry skin feels deeply nourished and looks smoother. For added moisture, use as a mask 2 times a week by applying to clean face and leaving on for 3 minutes before rinsing off. 5 fl. oz. Intro Special - $5.99

Anew Clean Illuminating Rich Cleansing Foam
Normal/Combination Skin: (shiny in T-zone, dry elsewhere)

Balances skin by removing oil without stripping moisture and revitalizes your skin for a radiant look. 5 fl. oz. Intro Special - $5.99

Anew Clean Purifying Gel Cleanser
Oily/Combination Skin: (shiny & greasy with enlarged pores)

Deeply purifies and refines pores, and helps eliminate excess oils for a shine-free look. 5 fl. oz. Intro Special - $5.99

Additional products in the Anew Clean line include: 

Micellar Cleansing Water: Cleanses, hydrates and tones. Formulated with Isotonic Water Complex, it works to attract and maintain moisture so skin feels softer and more revitatlized. To use: Saturate a cotton pad, smooth over face. No need to rinse off. 5 fl. oz. Intro Special - $6.49

Refining Daily Scrub: Gently exfoliates to reveal fresher, brighter skin. To use: Wet face, massage on, rinse off. 3.4 fl. oz. Intro Special - $6.49

Revitalizing Toner: Instantly leaves skin feeling refined and conditioned while it improves the appearance of pores. With papaya extract. Smooth on with cotton pad. 6.7 fl. oz. Intro Special - $5.99

Facial Cleansing Wipes: Pre-moistened towelette does it all in one step. Removes stubborn makeup, even eye makeup. Great on the go. With edelweiss extract. 24 wipes. Intro Special - $5.99

Cleansing Brush: The vibrating cleansing brush effectively removes impurities and leaves your skin feeling clean. Cleans 5 times better versus cleansing by hand, based on a clinical study with an ordinary cleanser. The luxurious ultrasoft bristles are suitable for sensitive skin. Includes one brush head and requires two AA batteries (not included). Intro Special - $24.99

Cleansing Brush Refills: Replace heads every three months or sooner if needed. Contains two brush heads for $15.00.

So, what do you think of these new products? Have you already decided which one(s) you want to try? Don't forget about the Avon guarantee: "If you are not completely satisfied, return any item within 90 days of receiving it and get your money back." With a guarantee like that, what have you got to lose? Nothing! And you have great skin to gain!

Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm Back!

Whew! What a wonderful week it was, and what a busy, busy time. I left last Saturday morning (June 18) on a mission trip to Russellville, Alabama. No, we didn't go far, but it was far enough to need to stay in a hotel in order to do what we needed to do each day. As many of you will know, motel WiFi is pretty much always iffy, or at least that has been my experience, and it was iffy this time too. I decided not to even attempt to type a blog post, since working on my phone or my little netbook in the time I had allotted for such would have been challenging as well, so that is why I was silent here from Saturday until Thursday morning. Even with all that was going on, (and we had a wonderful week!), I did get my C14 order turned in on schedule, and I also added a couple of new team members. Thanks, Avon! If you are ready to start your own Avon business, I'm ready to mentor you to success. Just click here: smoore.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start, pay the $15 for the starter kit, and you can get going in about 5 minutes. I'll be in touch quickly and you can have your business us and running before your kit even arrives. 

Thursday was a day to catch up on laundry, housework, Avon work, gardening work, and getting my daughter ready for her mission trip to Trinidad, Friday was the same plus helping with and attending my nephew's rehearsal dinner, and Saturday was continuing prep for Bonny to leave for Trinidad and the lovely wedding of my nephew and his beautiful new bride. Early Sunday morning, Bonny left to join the mission team already in Trinidad (her trip was delayed a day so she could attend the wedding), and the rest of the day was filled with my usual Sunday activities -- teaching Bible class, worship, lunch, grading Bible Correspondence Courses, worship, a bite with my hubby at Arby's and then home to bed and much needed sleep!

Now, it's Monday morning, and back to the usual routine. My C14 Avon order came in Friday and I only had time to get it slightly sorted, so getting it bagged and ready for delivery is next on my list of duties for today. Along with my order came my Mrs. Albee, the statuette that is earned when you reach the first major level of achievement with Avon, which is Award Sales of $10,000 in the year. I hit that level a couple of campaigns ago, but just now ordered my Mrs. Albee. In past years, the Mrs. Albee was shipped automatically or awarded at local sales meetings, but a couple of years ago Avon decided to give those who reach President's Club points they can use to order the Mrs. Albee or other items in the Awards Catalog. I have about 25 Mrs. Albee's now, and here is the one for 2016:

Onward to my day's TeuxDeux list. :) I'll have another post tomorrow, my Terrific Tuesday featured product. Hmmm....what shall I feature? Check back tomorrow to see! Or, better yet, follow my blog and be notified by email. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

C13 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter

(This is the newsletter for my team, which I send to them at the close of each campaign. If you would like to become a part of our growing team, click here, or contact me, or use the tab above that says "Become an Avon Representative to learn more.)

Hello all you terrific Cloud Climbers!

Our team just keeps growing and growing, and I hope our sales will keep growing and growing as well. In C13 we added Christy Diviney of Albertville, Alabama, Paige Coffman of Ringgold, Georgia (our first CC from Georgia!), and Marissa Macomber of Falkville, Alabama, who joined us just this morning. We bid you all a warm welcome to the Cloud Climbers Team and pray you will each have as much success as you desire!!

Speaking of as much success as each of you desire, I'm still looking for someone who wants to work with Avon Leadership and help us branch out even further. If you know of people who might be interested in doing what we do and would rather I talked to them about the opportunity, just give me a name and a number or email address and I'll be glad to do so. They would still be your recruit, of course.

Top Ten in Sales for C13        (We had 17 members with orders above $100.)

 1. Alisha Edwards
 2. Rene Parker   PC
 3. Gladys Faulk
 4. Steffanie Erdelt
 5. Sheila Benz
 6. Lacey Harmon
 7. Susanne Walters
 8. Rebecca Robertson   NEW
 9. Kristi Strode
10. Annie Watts

Awards earned since the last Newsletter:

      Sheila Benz, 1st Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount for order over $100. 
      Sheila Benz, PRP - New Rep, 25 points.
      Alisha Edwards, 1st Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount for order over $100.
      Jerita Pennington, 1st Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount for order over $100.
      Jerita Pennington, PRP - New Rep, 25 points.
      Amaleia Ruble, 2nd Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount for order over $100.
      Amaleia Ruble, PRP - New Rep, 25 points.
      Jessica Martinez, 3rd Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount for order over $100.
      Jessica Martinez, PRP  - New Rep, 25 points.
      Kristi Strode, 4th Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount for order over $100.

Direct Delivery Orders at eStores for C13:

      Charisse Felton and Rebecca Robertson

I think that it would be good to put a different Cloud Climber "in the Spotlight" for each newsletter. It will not in any way be limited to those who are doing well with their businesses, since we do that in other parts of the newsletter, but will include everyone who wants to be included. What do you think? It would be a way to get to know each other a little bit, since most of us will never meet. Of course, we can do that a little through our Cloud Climbers Unit Facebook page, but not everyone is on that page. In order to do this, I will need input from you, and I'd rather not call and dig it out of you. Ha! Therefore, please email me with a bit of information you would like to share about yourself so that I can put you "in the Spotlight" in a future newsletter. Since I have a bit of info on a couple of our newer team members, I'll start off this campaign with one of them.

In the Spotlight Jessica Martinez

Jessica is a stay at home mom with three boys, ages 3, 4, and 10. She said she doesn't know a lot of people, and she prefers to stay off of Facebook for now, but she has a best friend who is like a sister to her who will be doing some posting to help her business. We all need great friends like that! Jessica had a specific goal in mind when she started her Avon business, wanting to earn $1,100. Her husband told her he would match whatever she earned in her efforts to meet her goal, and I think that is also great. I know of representatives whose husbands will not support them in their efforts at all. In fact, I recently read of one who will not go anywhere with his wife if she plans to mention Avon or brings a brochure to give to someone. I have been blessed to have a husband who supports my business and even works as one of my helpers. He has done some network marketing in other businesses over the years, and knows the value of residual income. Jessica and I have been in touch several times through email and texting, and I'm always happy to hear from her. In fact, she had a question about demo products just this morning, which leads me to my...

Tip for today:

You may have noticed that when you order demo products (items in the What's New), the prices show up as what they will be in the brochure, not what you will be paying. The reason is that Avon does not know until they receive your order what you will be paying for those items, because they do not know the size of your order. When you read the ordering guide lines in the What's New, you will see that additional discounts can be had on some of the products if you have a larger order. There are some products that are marked "Your Cost" and those prices will not change, nor will the prices change on the fixed earnings items, where your discount will be either 25% or 30%, depending on whether you are in Presidents Club or not. Your price will be shown on your invoice, and you should always check there to make sure prices are shown correctly. Don't forget that you have two campaigns in which to order demo products and you can only order from the What's New before your system at YA rolls into the campaign featured in that What's New. 

My Schedule:

I'll be heading out of town on a mission trip Saturday, and will be returning Thursday morning. I'll still have internet access, because I'm only going to Russellville, Alabama, but there may be a delay in how quickly I can respond to your emails, calls, texts, etc. Don't let that stop you from communicating with me though, as I plan to get back to you just as quickly as I reasonably can.

That's all for now. I pray you will have a great weekend and much success with your Avon business!! Don't forget to check with all your customers before you turn in your C14 order to see what they need and build your sales. If they are running low on a product and miss ordering, it could frustrate you both. 

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Terrific Tuesday: Products for Men

"The company for women, 
and a few good men."

That's the Avon motto, and it's true! Most Avon Representatives are women, and most Avon products are for women. However, there are a few outstanding men who work in partnership with their wives to have successful Avon businesses, and a few others who stand alone as male Avon representatives. There are more than a few Avon products for men, though, and for this Terrific Tuesday I want to feature a couple of basics that are inexpensive and designed just for him. 

Hair & Body Wash: Available in a "hook on the shower head" type bottle are the classic men's favorites - Black Suede, Black Suede Essential, Black Suede Sport, and Wild Country. Available in a "stand on its head" bottle are Alpha, Exploration, Instinct, Mesmerize, Attraction, and Luck. 

BENEFITS • Gentle and mild
• An all over body cleanser
• Ideal for frequent use
• Ideal for shower or bath
• An effective moisturizer
• Less drying than soap
• An effective hair and body cleanser
• Cleanses and lightly scents the hair and body with the Black Suede men's fragrance

TO USE • To Use as a Body Cleanser: Squeeze a small amount onto a wet washcloth or sponge or directly into palm of hand. Lather, then rinse.
• To Shampoo hair: Wet hair and lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired.

After Shave Conditioner: Available in all the same scents as the Hair & Body Wash.

Don't ditch the razor; pursue better post-op care. Calms and moisturizes skin for an allover cool effect. 3.4 fl. oz.

https://www.avon.com/product/10300/black-suede-after-shave-conditionerNOTES • Woody notes highlighted by a leather accord.

TO USE • Smooth evenly over face after shaving to soothe skin and protect against dryness.

Made in USA

Monday, June 13, 2016

Does Avon Fit Your Life?

One of the beauties of having an Avon business is that you can fit it around your current life, because there are so many ways to promote your business and so many aids from Avon to help you do so. In addition, Avon Representatives work together to help each other with ideas to help us grow our businesses. Perhaps you don't want to grow a large business, but just want a little sideline to give you a little extra income per month. Avon is perfect for that as well! I have one new Representative on my Cloud Climbers' team who is an airline flight attendant and plans to only do sales through her eStore for direct delivery to customers and never ring a doorbell. (If you've lived more than 40 years, you surely recall that Avon once was known well for the advertising slogan: "Ding Dong! Avon calling!") 

There are various promotions from Avon from time to time to encourage those who are interested in direct sales opportunities to give an Avon business a try. If you begin your business now, you will be able to participate in the 40% earnings program you can read about in these promotional flyers:

I have had potential representatives worry that if they were not able to keep their business going they would be penalized by Avon for quitting. Certainly not! When you begin your Avon business you are only committing a $15 investment (unless you prefer to purchase a $35 or $100 kit, which is totally at your discretion), and you only need to make sure that you pay for all products you purchase from Avon for resale to your customers. You can sell for a short time to meet a goal, or you can make a career of your Avon business, as I have done. 

So, does it sound like an Avon business will fit your life? Do you want more details? Either contact me directly or click on the "Become an Avon Representative" tab at the top of this blog. Are you ready to get started right now? Go to smoore.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start and you can be have your business up and running in minutes! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Terrific Tuesday: Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation

Do you have flawless skin that requires no foundation at all and still looks terrific? If your answer is "Yes!" I'm very happy for you. If you are like most of the rest of us who are not so blessed, you like to wear a makeup foundation and a few other makeup items as well. Finding a good foundation that matches your skin well, stays on for a long time, and gives a smooth even finish to your face can be challenging. 

Avon currently offers seven different foundations in their regular product line as well as a few others in their mark. line. Today I want to share some information about one of those products --

Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation

With Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation, you get a glowing healthy complexion and improved skin tone. The lightweight powder offers medium coverage which is perfect for everyday use, and since it is free of talc, fragrance, and oil, it is the perfect foundation for sensitive skin. Pure mineral pigments and pearls create a flawless finish and after one week of using the matte powder foundation, your skin should look and feel healthier! There are 12 shades to choose from so you can find your perfect match or use Transparent Glow for a no-color look. 

Just shake, swirl, and blend: Remove the adhesive safety seal. Replace the lid and turn the container upside down. Gently shake the container back and forth to load powder, then turn the container right side up and unscrew the lid. Swirl a brush (a kabuki brush works well) on the dispensing surface to pick up the powder, and apply in a circular motion. The powder is build-able, so repeat as necessary to get your desired look.
Kabuki Brush: A brush with a short stem and dense, thick, nylon bristles for the most flawless, even coverage. This brush is great for applying powder foundation. Load the brush with powder and then tap the base to shake off excess. Use the brush to buff foundation onto the skin in a circular motion, building in sheer, thin layers until the desired coverage is reached. 


Saturday, June 4, 2016

My Team Newsletter for Campaign 12. We're growing by leaps and bounds!

Campaign 12 Cloud Climbers' Newsletter
Greetings, all you wonderful Cloud Climbers!
This newsletter is growing due to our team growth!!  I know that is much more exciting to me than it is to any of you, but I hope you rejoice with me in the blessings that are leading closer and closer to my husband being able to retire from his job in another year or two. He turns 62 next week, and is in a very stressful job that is getting to be more and more of a detriment to his health. I hope to help him retire, and then put him to work helping me with my business. Ha! I'll try not to let the newsletter get too large for you to easily read it in one sitting. 
Top Ten in Sales for Campaign 12
(All with Award Sales over $150)

      1.    Gladys Faulk
      2.    Susanne Walters
      3.    Sheila Benz    NEW
      4.    Alisha Edwards   NEW
      5.    Kim Mitchell   
      6.    Darren Mannahan
      7.    Kristi Strode   
      8.    Jessica Martinez   
      9.    Annie Watts
10. Stephanie Erdelt
There were 21 Cloud Climbers with Award Sales over $100 in Campaign 12!! When I saw that on my report it just about blew my mind, since there have been times we didn't have a Top Ten but only a Top Eight or Top Nine, etc., since I only report those with Award Sales over $100. 
Some of you who are used to seeing your names in the Top Ten most campaigns may not appear on this list, because there are a few new Cloud Climbers who are off to a great start, as you can see. You old timers may have to step up your game to get back on the list, and I'm all for that. Every $ of Avon you sell brings me closer to my goal and you closer to your own, assuming you have set goals for your business, which I sure hope you have. Goals that are not set are not reachable. My goal, as I mentioned in the last newsletter, is to add 100 new team members in 2016. 
Avon Awards: Receiving awards in C12 were...
          Amelia Ruble, 40% discount on 1st order and 1st order sample bundle,
         Jessica Martinez, 40% discount on 2nd order and 2nd order sample bundle,
         Kim Mitchell, 40% discount on 2nd order and 2nd order sample bundle,
         Angelique Ortiz, 40% discount on 2nd order and 2nd order sample bundle,
         Kristi Strode, 40% discount on 3rd order and 3rd order sample bundle,
         Gladys Faulk has reached PRP Contender and received 100 Points,
         Stephanie Erdelt has reached PRP Contender and received 100 Points,
         Kim Mitchell reached PRP New Rep and received 25 Points,
         Kristi Strode reached PRP New Rep and received 25 Points,
         Angelique Ortiz reached PRP New Rep and received 25 Points.
I hope I didn't miss anyone. You be sure to let me know if you received a reward and I didn't highlight your accomplishment. I want to make sure everyone gets credit for their hard work. 
Team Additions: In C12 we added Rebecca Robertson (Birmingham, Alabama), Kathy McAlpin(Warrior, Alabama), and Charisse Felton (Huntsville, Alabama) to the Cloud Climbers. Welcome to our team, ladies! We are so glad to have you. 
We don't have any Avon Anniversaries for the month of June, but we have three Birthdays...and the celebrators are all new team members. Happy birthday! to Jerita Pennington (6/26), Kathy McAlpin (6/28), and Angelique Ortiz (6/29). 
Those with Direct Delivery orders from their eStores in C12 were Sheila BenzRebecca Robertson,Darren Mannahan, and Benetta Staten. That's double the number of reps. from last campaign. Let's see if we can double it again next campaign, okay? Promote, promote, promote those eStores! 
Speaking of promoting, don't forget that you can "promote" any customer, friend, co-worker, or random acquaintance into a team member. You no longer have to worry about being able to explain all the ends and outs of the business, because you can tell them to go to StartAvon.com and use your reference code (the end of your eStore URL) to get themselves started. I'll be happy to talk to anyone you want me to talk to on your behalf, so share my phone number with potential recruits if they need more details. Just remember to tell them that you sent them to me so that you get the credit for them. 
I have a tip for you. You may have noticed in the What's New Flyers where lipstick samples are shown that they list the colors in each packet of samples. You may have also noticed that when you order the sample packets on YA that they do NOT list the shades. They used to do so, but they don't right now. I hope that changes, but in the meantime, you might want to keep those sample shade lists in your files for when a customer asks for a sample of a particular color and you want to know which sample pack that shade is in. 
I hope that those of you on Facebook will send me a friend request so that I can add you to our Cloud Climbers group. You may also ask your DSM if there is a FB group for your district so you can be added to that. It really is very helpful to be able to be in touch with local representatives, and many DSMs also use the groups to send notifications of events, meetings, etc. You can find me at https://www.facebook.com/sandra.l.mooreYou may also want to follow my blog at cloudclimbingbeauty.com. I've been trying to get a video blog post uploaded since last night, but with no success yet. These technical challenges keep me on my toes, but I am determined to win in the end!
I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful weekend. Call or text me if you need me for any reason.