Saturday, June 4, 2016

My Team Newsletter for Campaign 12. We're growing by leaps and bounds!

Campaign 12 Cloud Climbers' Newsletter
Greetings, all you wonderful Cloud Climbers!
This newsletter is growing due to our team growth!!  I know that is much more exciting to me than it is to any of you, but I hope you rejoice with me in the blessings that are leading closer and closer to my husband being able to retire from his job in another year or two. He turns 62 next week, and is in a very stressful job that is getting to be more and more of a detriment to his health. I hope to help him retire, and then put him to work helping me with my business. Ha! I'll try not to let the newsletter get too large for you to easily read it in one sitting. 
Top Ten in Sales for Campaign 12
(All with Award Sales over $150)

      1.    Gladys Faulk
      2.    Susanne Walters
      3.    Sheila Benz    NEW
      4.    Alisha Edwards   NEW
      5.    Kim Mitchell   
      6.    Darren Mannahan
      7.    Kristi Strode   
      8.    Jessica Martinez   
      9.    Annie Watts
10. Stephanie Erdelt
There were 21 Cloud Climbers with Award Sales over $100 in Campaign 12!! When I saw that on my report it just about blew my mind, since there have been times we didn't have a Top Ten but only a Top Eight or Top Nine, etc., since I only report those with Award Sales over $100. 
Some of you who are used to seeing your names in the Top Ten most campaigns may not appear on this list, because there are a few new Cloud Climbers who are off to a great start, as you can see. You old timers may have to step up your game to get back on the list, and I'm all for that. Every $ of Avon you sell brings me closer to my goal and you closer to your own, assuming you have set goals for your business, which I sure hope you have. Goals that are not set are not reachable. My goal, as I mentioned in the last newsletter, is to add 100 new team members in 2016. 
Avon Awards: Receiving awards in C12 were...
          Amelia Ruble, 40% discount on 1st order and 1st order sample bundle,
         Jessica Martinez, 40% discount on 2nd order and 2nd order sample bundle,
         Kim Mitchell, 40% discount on 2nd order and 2nd order sample bundle,
         Angelique Ortiz, 40% discount on 2nd order and 2nd order sample bundle,
         Kristi Strode, 40% discount on 3rd order and 3rd order sample bundle,
         Gladys Faulk has reached PRP Contender and received 100 Points,
         Stephanie Erdelt has reached PRP Contender and received 100 Points,
         Kim Mitchell reached PRP New Rep and received 25 Points,
         Kristi Strode reached PRP New Rep and received 25 Points,
         Angelique Ortiz reached PRP New Rep and received 25 Points.
I hope I didn't miss anyone. You be sure to let me know if you received a reward and I didn't highlight your accomplishment. I want to make sure everyone gets credit for their hard work. 
Team Additions: In C12 we added Rebecca Robertson (Birmingham, Alabama), Kathy McAlpin(Warrior, Alabama), and Charisse Felton (Huntsville, Alabama) to the Cloud Climbers. Welcome to our team, ladies! We are so glad to have you. 
We don't have any Avon Anniversaries for the month of June, but we have three Birthdays...and the celebrators are all new team members. Happy birthday! to Jerita Pennington (6/26), Kathy McAlpin (6/28), and Angelique Ortiz (6/29). 
Those with Direct Delivery orders from their eStores in C12 were Sheila BenzRebecca Robertson,Darren Mannahan, and Benetta Staten. That's double the number of reps. from last campaign. Let's see if we can double it again next campaign, okay? Promote, promote, promote those eStores! 
Speaking of promoting, don't forget that you can "promote" any customer, friend, co-worker, or random acquaintance into a team member. You no longer have to worry about being able to explain all the ends and outs of the business, because you can tell them to go to and use your reference code (the end of your eStore URL) to get themselves started. I'll be happy to talk to anyone you want me to talk to on your behalf, so share my phone number with potential recruits if they need more details. Just remember to tell them that you sent them to me so that you get the credit for them. 
I have a tip for you. You may have noticed in the What's New Flyers where lipstick samples are shown that they list the colors in each packet of samples. You may have also noticed that when you order the sample packets on YA that they do NOT list the shades. They used to do so, but they don't right now. I hope that changes, but in the meantime, you might want to keep those sample shade lists in your files for when a customer asks for a sample of a particular color and you want to know which sample pack that shade is in. 
I hope that those of you on Facebook will send me a friend request so that I can add you to our Cloud Climbers group. You may also ask your DSM if there is a FB group for your district so you can be added to that. It really is very helpful to be able to be in touch with local representatives, and many DSMs also use the groups to send notifications of events, meetings, etc. You can find me at may also want to follow my blog at I've been trying to get a video blog post uploaded since last night, but with no success yet. These technical challenges keep me on my toes, but I am determined to win in the end!
I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful weekend. Call or text me if you need me for any reason. 

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