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Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

Let me first of all apologize to all the newer Cloud Climbers I've talked to recently as you have had questions or needed help getting orders placed. Sometimes I will talk to several in one week and I get confused on who I've been working with already and which one had this need or that. Adding this many new team members in quick succession has been challenging to me. Maybe I need to find a spot on my wall to put a white board so I can keep notes! Hmmm...the wheels are turning. I know that white board is important to a lot of successful Avon team leaders, so perhaps it is time I got one too. I think I need to do a little online shopping today.

Top Ten in Sales

 1. Rebecca Robertson
 2. Sheila Benz
 3. Rene Parker  PC
 4. Susanne Walters
 5. Barbie Breen
 6. Maria Loza
 7. Kathy McAlpin
 8. Kim Mitchell
 9. Steffanie Erdelt
10. Brenda Taylor

It is rather nice to always have a Top Ten now, since there are always at least 10 reps. with orders of $100 or over, and I don't put you on the list unless your sales are at least $100. Most of the ones who made the cut this campaign had sales over $150!  

Here are a few statistics for our team, as of the close of C16:  

  • Unit Sales were $3,659  
  • 32 Orders placed 
  • 27 Reps. with no orders
  • 10 Reps past due  -  (Not good. This costs Avon money, which means less money for us all.)
  • 53 Total Representatives on our team
  • 5 New appointments
  • 1 Removal  -  (Removals can reinstate themselves for up to a year.)

Those who were blessed with Direct Delivery orders this campaign were: Barbie Breen, Paige Coffman (the leader with $118 in DD sales), Angelique Ortiz, Rene Parker (with $1,030 in DD sales YTD), and Caroline McCullough. 

There are three new Cloud Climbers that I have not introduced to you yet, and those would be: Bridget Nabors of Quinton, Alabama, April Moore of Elkmont, Alabama, and Katie Peden of Ashland City, Tennessee. We want to warmly welcome you to our great team, Avon ladies!

The Spotlight is on April Moore this campaign. April came to Avon on July 18 of this year and should have a first order in Campaign 17. Here is part of what she told me about herself: "I am 31 years old, a stay at home mom, and have known my husband for 20 years. We have been together for 6 years and married for 3 years. I have 4 children ranging from in age from 12 1/2 years old down to baby Raelyn, who is just 3 weeks old. We live in Elkmont, Alabama, where I was born and raised, and my husband works for Steelcase in Athens. My step-grandmother sold Avon during the whole of my childhood and I remember playing with her samples of lipstick as a little girl. I would always help her sort the items as they came in and she tipped me a dollar every 2 weeks. Oh, the memories of this! I want to sell Avon for the extra money, since I don't work." Well, April, you are working now! Your comment reminds me of a motto you will hear from other successful representatives - "You need to treat Avon as a business, not as a hobby, if you want to make money!"

I need to hear from more of you with some info so I can keep doing the Spotlight. Don't make me have to call you! ;) Here's another mini spotlight: Breanna Storey, one of our newest reps., got married in the past two weeks, so she is now Breanna Bryant. Congratulations on your marriage, Breanna! 

Avon Awards given since the last newsletter: 

  • Sheila Benz, 40% Discount and 5th Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Paige Coffman, 40% Discount and 2nd Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Christy Diviney, PRP New Rep and 25 points
  • Kathy McAlpin, 40% Discount and 3rd Campaign Bundle of Samples, PRP New Rep and 25 points
  • Tiffany Newman, 40% Discount and 1st Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Rebecca Robertson, 40% Discount and 4th Campaign Bundle of Samples, Bonus Bundle of Products!!
  • Amaleia Ruble, PRP New Rep and 25 points, President's Club Contender and 100 Points!
  • Sheilia Smith, 40% Discount and 2nd Campaign Bundle of Samples, PRP New Rep and 25 points
  • Susan Watkins, 40% Discount and 2nd Campaign Bundle of Samples, PRP New Rep and 25 points

For those who don't yet know what the points earned are used for, earned points are used to purchase merchandise. Go to YA and click the "Rewards and Recognition" heading to learn all the details. 

Here are a couple of snips from the Recognition Board for my district where the names of Cloud Climbers appear. Steffanie Erdelt is #7 in Sales Increase for non-President's Club members, and Gladys Faulk is #9 in Sales for non-President's Club members. That's out of about 500 representatives!! It could be that some of you not in my district are appearing on your own district recognition boards, and if you are, I'd certainly like to know about it so that I can properly honor you in a future newsletter. You can check to see by going to YA, the heading on the far right that says "My Community," then "My District," and then "Recognition." I hope all of your DSMs are keeping those boards up to date, or it could be that Avon keeps them up to date. Anytime you see your name on a board, please let me know!

I've been adding some short training videos to the Cloud Climbers Avon Unit group page on Facebook, and have sent out a couple of those by email as well. I did a new one on figuring tax on customer orders, and I won't be emailing it unless you request it. If you are on FB and haven't sent me a friend request so you could be added to the group, my link is

I was cleaning out some old files and came across a packet of tips. These were from representatives in the days before we were using the internet, so there won't be any with tips for online selling, but they are still good tips. I'll include a few here and then add some to the Cloud Climbers FB page over the next few days or weeks. 

 "I recycle old brochures by putting a sticker on the front that says "If you want a current brochure, please call me at ..." 

"When I notice we have new owners in the neighborhood, I leave a 'Welcome' packet from Avon. This is usually a little hanging bag (our What's New bags in the supplies section on YA) with the latest brochure, a small bubble bath (we don't have those anymore, but a lip balm would do as well), and a welcome note from me. When they call to thank me, I usually get an order too."

"I keep a cologne sample in with my money. When I pay for something, it is amazing how many people ask why my money smells so good. I offer them a sample, a brochure, and a business card. I've gotten a lot of sales this way."

"I like to wear 10 shades of nail color - one color per finger - as a live demo to show customers how they look. It always makes for a fun consultation and encourages business."

That's all for now, folks. Call me or email me with any questions you have or any ways I can help you further your business. I appreciate you!

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