Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Terrific Tuesday: Get the Wrinkles Out!

What's the one skincare concern that almost all women will share if they live long enough? Wrinkles! Now, there are some women of various national heritages that are blessed by nature with skin that does not wrinkle until quite late in life, if ever, so this post is not for them. Bless their hearts. ;) This post is for the women who at about age 35 look at their faces in the mirror one day and say "Ack! I'm getting wrinkles!" Those wrinkles may be so new and minor that others may not notice them, but the one who just discovered them may immediately want to do what she can to keep them at bay a little longer or at least minimize their appearance. 

You can read about the causes of wrinkles in my previous blog posts titled ANEW Skin Care Guide - Part 1 and ANEW Skin Care Guide - Part 2, and you can go from there to ANEW Skin Care Guide - Part 3 to learn about the various ANEW products Avon offers. Three new ones were added after my those posts were written, and I wrote about them in my post titled The Game Changers! For this Terrific Tuesday article, I'm featuring the original ANEW Clinical product ----

Back in the 1940s, Avon introduced a violet-scented cream to women of America and thousands of them relied on this product to "keep their face and hands looking and feeling smooth, lovely, and petal-soft." Hmmm, a skin care product for both hands and face in the same jar. Not something you find often these days. Here's a pic of the product, as it looked back then:

Today, Avon carries many skin care products to address various concerns, and there are separate ones for face and hands. In Campaign 16, which will be live on my eStore on Thursday, July 7, (I'm jumping the gun just a little on this post), our original ANEW Clinical product, Advanced Wrinkle Corrector will be at 130th Anniversary Special price of $16.99 - the best offer you will find available ever. The product is infused with the power of Avon's Wrinkle-Reverse Technology, an advanced formula that helps diminish the look of wrinkles while it moisturizes dry skin. This product can be used morning or night, and does not contain SPF. It can be used as a moisturizer by itself, or you can follow it with your favorite ANEW moisturizer. It is a very lightweight cream with a soft, pleasant scent, and will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. 


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