Monday, July 18, 2016

(This is the newsletter I write for my team of Cloud Climbers at the close of each campaign. I'd love to have you join us!)

 Hello All!

How was your C15 order? Mine was a bit on the slack side, and I think it could have been that way for several others as well. Something about the "summer slump" when people are spending money on vacations or other important things. That's okay, though, because the 4th quarter will soon be upon us and those orders will be coming in much more regularly. One thing I noticed about my order this time was that close to half of those ordering were new customers or customers who were ordering for the first time in a long time that had not even been receiving brochures from me, but were still on my email list. Proof that 1) sending email reminders to customers/potential customers/former customers is a good idea, and 2) getting new customers every campaign is a good idea. Some of these new customers are finding me in online searches. Be sure that your eStore is set for both personal delivery and direct delivery, that you are turning in orders every campaign of at least $200, and that you are paying your Avon balance on time. I understand that those who do all those things are the ones Avon recommends when people do a search for a rep. in their area.

Since my orders are down right now, I decided to do a "Giveaway" for this campaign. When I sent my customer reminder out, I added a note that anyone who placed an order this campaign would be entered into a drawing for one of three products that I have in stock, valued at $30 or more. I have plenty of products I can use for this giveaway, and the value is based on the full price in the brochure, not what I paid for them. Since this is my personal business, I can do any type of contest or drawing like this that I want, and you can do the same if it helps you. I've already received several more orders since I sent my reminder.

Top 10 in Sales for C15  
    (All with sales over $150!)

 1. Amaleia Ruble
 2. Rene Parker   PC    (Rene is half way to President's Club for this year. Congratulations, Rene!)
 3. Alisha Edwards
 4. Gladys Faulk
 5. Ruby Nunnery
 6. Susanne Walters
 7. Annie Watts
 8. Sheilia Smith
 9. Brenda Taylor
10. Carolyn King

When I did the newsletter for C14, I forgot to include a welcome to our newest team members. Therefore, I have several to welcome this time. :)  Susan Watkins and Pam Jones of Manchester, Tenn., Regina Salter of Guin, Ala., Malinda Lowry of Athens, Ala., Chelsea Cooper of Columbia, Tenn., Breanna Story of Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Tiffany Newman of Whitwell, Tenn., and Carol Whaley of Huntsville, Ala. Ladies, we are very happy to welcome all of you to Avon and to the Cloud Climbers Team!

I'm very happy to announce that we have two new Avon Promoters. You become a Promoter when you get your first recruit, and for a long time Susanne Walters was our only Promoter. Congratulations go to Rene Parker for recruiting Carol Whaley and to Chelsea Cooper for recruiting Breanna Story. Chelsea didn't have to work too hard to get Breanna, she just put on her Facebook profile that she was a new representative the same morning she became one and her friend Breanna commented "I've always wanted to do this but didn't know how." I gave her Chelsea's personal link, and the next day she became Chelsey's first recruit! That's proof positive that you need to make everyone you know aware in every way that you can that you can get them started with their Avon business. If you need any help with ideas on how to do this, please contact me.

Rene Parker already has the personal sales needed ($200) to become a Silver Leader as soon as she can get two more recruits so that she can have a minimum of 3 first generation orders.
I have been a Gold Ambassador since the beginning of this program and to move to Leader as my next step I must have one Silver Ambassador. Therefore, I am working with Rene to get recruits for her in several ways. (Below is just the top section of the Leadership earnings chart so you can see what I mean.) I'll be happy to help others on my team move forward in Leadership as well, but anyone who wants to do so must get their first recruit themselves. I have to see that you are putting forth effort to build your own team, and I cannot build it for you.

Direct Delivery sales from eStores this campaign:  Paige Coffman and Rene Parker - whose DD sales were $205! Wow!

Awards since the last newsletter:

  • Christy Diviney: 1st Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount
  • Alisha Edwards: 4th Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount, PRP New Rep 25 Points, PRP Contender 100 Points, and Bonus Product Bundle!
  • Kathy McAlpin: 2nd Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount
  • Kim Mitchell: 4th Campaign Sample Bundle & 40% Discount, Bonus Product Bundle!
  • Angelique Ortiz: PRP New Rep 25 Points
  • Rebecca Robertson: 3rd Campaign Bundle & 40% Discount
  • Amelia Ruble: 4th Campaign Bundle & 40% Discount
  • Sheilia Smith: 2nd Campaign Bundle & 40% Discount
  • Susan Watkins: 1st Campaign Bundle & 40% Discount

Seeing all these rewards as most of our new Cloud Climbers hit most of their goals as new representatives makes me so proud of my team!

I finally learned from some of the folks in my district how you can easily find out if you have credit with Avon and what your credit limit is. I should have asked for help with finding that information sooner. Here are the steps: 1) When you sign in to, click on the heading "Sales Leadeship." 2) In the grey area on the left side of the screen, click on "New Representative Supports" at the bottom. 3) Click on "New Representative Center" when it pops up below the New Rep. Supports. 4) Scroll down to see "Your Initial Credit Limit."

Well, I believe this newsletter is long enough now, and I haven't been getting much feedback from you for my Spotlight, so I'll just skip that for this campaign. I have information from one new rep., so I'll feature her next campaign. Meanwhile, please send me just a few lines about yourself that I can use for future spotlights.

I'm heading out to a surprise birthday party for a friend in a few hours, and then Sunday will be very busy with worship and related activities, as it always is. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend as well!

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