Friday, August 12, 2016

A Change is Coming to Avon On-Boarding!

Change. It can be good, or it can be bad. Sometimes it can be both good and bad - depending on where you stand and how it affects you. But change happens, because it's just a necessary part of life. Today I'm announcing a change in the Avon "on-boarding" program, and some will think it is good and some will think it is bad. Personally, I think it is good, and I will explain why after I explain what is about to happen.

Over the past few years there have been several changes to how people are appointed to be Avon representatives. At first we had to meet with every person we wanted to add to our teams and appoint them in person. More recently we were able to either meet with them in person, or they could sign up using our code (mine is SMOORE) at Now the time has come when ALL appointments will be done online. It will still be fine, and even encouraged, to meet with new team members to get acquainted and talk about the business, but the appointment itself will be done on the internet and the new representative's kit will be shipped to them by Avon. Since we add team members online, we can add them anywhere within the continental USofA, so there are team members we will never meet in person. For those team members, all forms of social media will become our tools for getting to know our team members. 

So that's a pretty big change, but another change comes with it. People have been able to begin an Avon business for only a $15 investment, with the option to order a $35 kit or a $100 kit if they wanted more product and more tools to get their businesses started. Most representatives have chosen to just order the $15 kit. Starting on September 16*, that $15 kit will no longer exist and someone wanting to begin their Avon business will have these three options:

  • $25  Quick Start Kit
  • $50  Advanced Kit
  • $100 Premium Kit
 We have not yet received word on what those kits will contain, but you can rest assured that I will let you know as soon as I know. I am confident that the value of the kits will be much more than the cost.

Now, why do I think this is a good change?  Because $15 is too small an amount to invest to begin a business as wonderful as Avon! It's too small an amount to invest to begin ANY direct sales business. I feel that if you have invested $25 or more in your business, you are much more likely to do your level best to make that business successful, because you will want to earn enough to pay for your kit at the very least. That means contacting customers, making new friends, letting everyone know you have a business and you mean business. Once you have done that and built a solid customer base, you will want to keep going, and you will truly become a Cloud Climber! 

*You have until midnight on September 15 to start your business with a $15 investment.

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