Friday, August 26, 2016

Avon On-Boarding - Rise Up!

The gift giving holidays are coming and people will be ready to shop. Now is the time for you to get ready to begin your Avon business and take advantage of this great opportunity to make money while others are spending it. I mean, who wouldn't want to shop from their seat, not their feet, if given the opportunity? You can give them that opportunity!

I mentioned in a blog post recently that Avon will be changing the On-Boarding program for new representatives in September. Since September is fast approaching, it's time to give you a few details about what this means for you if you begin your Avon business on September 16 or after. 
First of all, I still don't know what the new kits will contain, only that there will be three options available to you and you choose from those depending on how much you want to invest in your business from the get go. You can read more about those options in my post from a few days ago

Second, Avon will have order incentives that will allow a new representative to make more than $1,000 in their first 90 days just by putting a little effort into their business. Take a look:

$1000 in 90 Days with Avon

  1st Campaign - order $150 in product - earn   $ 60.00
  2nd Campaign - order $200 in product - earn     80.00
  3rd Campaign - order $250 in product - earn    100.00
  4th Campaign - order $300 in product - earn    120.00
  5th Campaign - order $350 in product - earn    140.00
  6th Campaign - order $400 in product - earn    160.00

During that same campaign, mentor 3 
people who turn in a $50 order each and
earn $50 for each of them - earn                          150.00
Total earned at the end of 90 days                   $1010.00

And those are just the basics! There is more money to be made if you orders are larger, because you will be getting 40% earnings on all sales if you meet the target goals shown in red above for each campaign. That includes fixed earnings products that established representatives will only be making 20% or 25% on and all direct delivery orders at your online eStore. Pretty amazing, isn't it?!?

What can you be doing right now to get ready to start your business on September 16? Go ahead and make a list of the people you know who will be interested in ordering from you. Add to that list every day as you think of new people. Next, look at that list to see which ones you will contact about being the first members of you new team. Don't just choose three, but pick as many as you think would like to or need to make more money. Now that you have those, look at the remaining names on the list to see who works in an office where they can distribute a few Avon books and gather orders for you and put their names on a separate list to be your "Helpers." 

With those three lists in place, you will be in a perfect position to begin on September 16. If you get too excited about having your own business to wait, go ahead and start today! There are already great incentives for you now, including 40% on your first four orders of $100 each. You can begin your business for only $15 by going to Just as soon as you submit your application, I will receive notification and will begin working with you toward a successful start as the owner of your own Avon business!!

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