Sunday, August 14, 2016

C17 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter

(The Newsletter I produce for my team each Avon campaign. To become one of my Cloud Climbers by starting your own Avon business, just go to

Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I've had a busy day myself, and probably won't get this newsletter finished until tomorrow, but I wanted to at least get it started on this Saturday night.

Top Ten in Sales
(All with Sales over $150!)
 1. Alisha Edwards
 2. Ruby Nunnery
 3. Steffanie Erdelt
 4. Sharon Tibbs
 5. April Moore
 6. Amaleia Ruble
 7. Carolyn King
 8. Magalis Justiniano
 9. Rene Parker  PC
10. Gladys Faulk

Top 3 in Sales Year to Date

 1. Rene Parker  PC  $5,534
 2. Gladys Faulk  $4,083
 3. Susanne Walters  $4,058
Eight people were blessed with 
Direct Delivery orders this campaign:  Paige Coffman, Gladys Hale, Kathy McAlpin, April Moore, (3 orders totaling $122), Katie Peden (6 orders totaling $93), Sheilia Smith, Amaleia Ruble, and Susanne Walters. It's interesting to see that Paige Coffman is the only one on this list who was also on the list for last month. That means that many of you are now getting direct delivery orders!

We have added six new Cloud Climbers since my last newsletter: Vickie Rice of Nashville, TN, Donna Hamilton of Huntsville, AL, Telina Matthews of Rossville, GA, Cheryl Kelly of Watertown, TN, Mamie Richburg of Murfreesboro, TN, and Angela Turley of Lexington, AL, who joined us just today. We want to warmly welcome you to our fast growing team, Avon ladies!

The Spotlight is on Donna Hamilton this campaign. Donna sent a nice reply to my "Welcome to Avon" email and told me a bit about herself. She sold Avon for 8 to 10 years and quit when she went to work at Redstone Arsenal in 1993. She retired from RSA about 6 years ago and hasn't done a lot since retirement due to some health issues, but she is now ready to give Avon a try again and hoping to have some fun with her new/old business. Donna, I hope that you have some fun, and that you make a little retirement income as well!

Avon Awards given since the last newsletter: 

  • Paige Coffman, 40% Discount and 3rd Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Alisha Edwards, 40% Discount and 6th Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Malinda Lowry, 40% Discount and 1st Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Kathy McAlpin, 40% Discount and 4th Campaign Bundle of Samples, Bonus Product Bundle!!
  • April Moore, 40% Discount and 2nd Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Tiffany Newman, 40% Discount and 2nd Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Kathy Peden, 40% Discount and 1st Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Amaleia Ruble, 40% Discount and 6th Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Breanna Story, 40% Discount and 1st Campaign Bundle of Samples, PRP New Rep and 25 points
  • Rene Parker PC, One Team One Dream, Level 1, Button (This is for getting a recruit.) PRP Sales Increase, 25 Pts.

There are a lot of people celebrating Birthdays in August: Caroline McCullough on August 1, Nikia Banks on August 2, Gladys Hale on August 14, Alisha Edwards on August 16, Telina Matthews on the 17th, Pam Jones on the 26th, and Darren Mannahan on the 28th. 

Three people are celebrating Anniversaries this month: Rene Parker, 7 years on the 4th; Benetta Staten, 7 years on the 12th, and Steffanie Erdelt, 12 years on the 18th. Next year we will have many more!  
If you are on FB and haven't sent me a friend request so you could be added to the Cloud Climbers group, my link is I'd sure like to have all of you in that group so you can see things as I post them there. I post images you can use, tips, info I've just become aware of that might effect you, etc.

Here are a few more tips from the old file I found, plus a new tip:

 "I like to wear 10 shades of nail color-one color per finger- as a live demo to show customers how they look. It always makes for a fun consultation and encourages business." 

"I recycle old brochures by putting a sticker on the front that says 'This is a sample brochure. For a current brochure, please call me at...' "

"I offer all first-time customers a 10% discount. That's a very attractive offer in this economy and can encourage first-time buyers to put in a larger order."  (This would be a good idea for new representatives trying to meet the $100 goal in their first campaigns.)

"I like to wear 10 shades of nail color - one color per finger - as a live demo to show customers how they look. It always makes for a fun consultation and encourages business."

New Tip: This is useful for us and our customers. Lisa Monoson shared in a video that the best way to get the shrink wrap plastic off of Glimmersticks, mascaras, etc., is to take the product in both hands and twist it as if you are trying to take the top off and the plastic will pop along the perforation and remove easily. I haven't tried it yet, but it sure will save some frustration if it works. 

Well, I finally finished it on Sunday night. :) I hope you get off to a good start on Monday and have a great week. Call me, email me, text me, or message me on Facebook with any questions you have or any ways I can help you further your business. I appreciate you!

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