Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Terrific Tuesday - Sterling Silver Sisters Necklace

My Terrific Tuesday posts usually feature skin care or makeup items, but today I am switching gears to tell you about one of our .925 Sterling Silver* jewelry pieces...

National Sisters Day is Sunday, August 7, and this necklace makes the perfect gift! If you order it today, it just might make it to your home before the big day. If not, I'm sure your special sister won't mind getting it a little later. It will make a great Christmas present too!

The necklace is engraved as shown, with genuine tiger's eye accents and a 19" chain. The price right now is $24.99 and the full price if you order later will be $44.99.

The necklace has a companion piece in this bracelet with an adjustable black cord that fits most wrists:


*Did you know that pure silver is too soft for making great jewelry designs? That's why quality Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver and is usually referred to as .925 Sterling Silver. 

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