Monday, September 19, 2016

C19 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter (The real one.)

(This is the newsletter I send to my team each campaign. Go here to become one of my team members.)

Good morning! 

Today is my birthday and I'm enjoying it tremendously already, since my hubby gave me two kinds of dark chocolate, a gardenia plant, and a beautiful card. I've already been eating chocolate covering almonds and now I'm drinking my cup of English Breakfast Tea while I finally get this newsletter written.

Top Ten in Sales for C19 

 1. Gladys Faulk
 2. Susanne Walters
 3. Katie Peden
 4. Rene Parker  PC
 5. Steffanie Erdelt
 6. Sheila Benz
 7. Judith Lea  NEW
 8. Barbie Breen
 9. Angela Turley  NEW
10. Kathy McAlpin

Barbie Breen and Katie Peden had Direct Delivery orders at their eStores, so I congratulate them for that accomplishment! I hope to see more than two of you mentioned in this section of the newsletter next campaign. Be sure to promote the Customer Appreciation offers that are coming out every day this week. In fact, I need to pause right here and go post the offer of free shipping on a $25 order right now....Done! Now I can finish this. :)

We have two new Cloud Climbers for this campaign: Jackie Cofield of Anniston, AL, and Allison Trantham of Oneonta, AL.  I'm hoping that Allison will be turning in her first order this week, and that Jackie will have a first order in C21. 

Awards for this campaign: 

  • Sheila Benz, 40% Discount and 8th Campaign Sample Bundle
  • Steffanie Erdelt, 130th Anniversary Sweepstakes, Cosmetic Case (I think this is the campaign they paid out on this sweepstakes that was in C5-C8.)
  • Gladys Faulk, President's Recognition Program (PRP) Contender, 100 pts.
  • Donna Hamilton, 40% Discount and 1st Campaign Sample Bundle, PRP New Representative, 25 pts.
  • Judith Lea, 40% Discount and 1st Campaign Sample Bundle, PRP New Represenative, 25 pts.
  • Ruby Nunnery, 130th Anniversary Sweepstakes, Cosmetic Case
  • Katie Peden, 40% Discount and 3rd Campaign Sample Bundle, PRP New Representative, 25 pts.
  • Angela Turley, 40% Discount and 1st Campaign Sample Bundle, PRP New Representative, 25 pts.

Have your sales started picking up as we move into the season when people are starting to think about Christmas? I've had several customers tell me they are Christmas shopping when they place their orders. This is the time to start buying more brochures so you can get them into the hands of more customers. If you haven't noticed, the cost of adding 10 extra brochures to your order is less than $3. Think of the potential when you think about investing in brochures. On average, you will get 3 orders for every 10 brochures you distribute, so even if only 3 of those extra 10 place orders, don't you think the investment is worth it? I'm putting a label on my books right now to encourage my customers to share their brochures with others. I'll attach the file for my labels in case you want to use it.

What about Helpers for your business? Do you use them? I have helpers in three beauty shops, one on Redstone Arsenal, and a couple of others who give me orders occasionally. I do not pay helpers, but I give them a discount on their own orders and I give them nice gifts at Christmas. You can work out your own deal with helpers, but if they want to earn on their sales, I say send them to your link to sign as representatives!!

Tips from the old files:

"My reputation for excellent customer service has been my greatest selling strength. When my regular customers started referring new customers to me, my business tripled and I offered discounts as thanks to those regular customers." Jackie 
(See the attached file for labels, as I mentioned above. SM)

"Whenever I go to deliver an order to a customer, I carry a basket of discount items that I have in stock. I usually discount the products 10-20%. I take discontinued items and other products I have taken for instant delivery. I will also order items from the outlet, like creams or trial sizes...and add them to the basket." Julie

"I have a customer base of about 150 customers. I have a file box with each name, address, and phone number. Two days before my order goes in, I make calls to each one of those customers. I usually do this during the day so I can reach their answering machine - it's quicker. I tell them that this is a reminder call and that the order will be going in. Sure enough, the phones pick up that evening. All of us are busy these days, and the reminder call is something that is always appreciated by my customers." Patti  
(Of course, we have email now, so you would only need to call the customers who don't use it. SM)

I just noticed that I had titled my last newsletter with the wrong campaign, as it should have been for C18. I apologize for that confusion. It made it hard on me trying to find it in my email file too! 

That's it for now. You'll notice that there is no Spotlight this campaign, because you Climbers are just being quiet and not giving me anything to share. :( I'll be writing a blog post this weekend about the new Avon Onboarding that starts this Friday, September 16, so be on the lookout for that. If you have any potential recruits that are still on the fence, you might want to mention to them that the cost for the basic kit will go from $15 to $25 dollars starting Friday!

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador 
Cloud Climbers Team Leader

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