Friday, September 30, 2016

C20 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter

The Newsletter I write for the Avon Representatives I mentor. If you would like to be one of them, just click here to learn more. If you would rather be a customer, click here to go to my eStore. Be sure to enter the current contest there so you can win wonderful Avon products, and register with your email address to receive coupon codes!

Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

I'll start this newsletter off with a notification about the current Preferred Preview. You should know whether you signed up for PP, and if you did, this alert is for you, especially if you have not placed an order recently and therefore did not receive a notification in your order. The PP is for Avon Prima, the fragrance Avon will be introducing in C26, and Nutraeffects, the new skin care Avon is introducing in C4, 2017. It includes 2 Eau de Parfums, 2 Shower Gels, 2 Body Lotions, and 5 Sample Cards for Prima and all 4 Nutraeffects Night Creams. Your cost for all of these items is $53.98, you will get award sales of $119.95, and the value of everything is $186.25. If you are signed up for PP but do not want to receive this PP, call 1-866-516-2866 by midnight on Sunday, October 16. If you do not call by that time, you will receive all of the items in your C23 order and payment will be due at that time.

Top 10 in Sales for C21

 1. Judith Lea
 2. Sharon Tibbs
 3. Amaleia Ruble
 4. Ruby Nunnery
 5. Steffanie Erdelt
 6. Rebecca Robertson
 7. Starla Hamilton   NEW
 8. Gladys Faulk
 9. Susan Watkins
10. Brenda Taylor

We had 13 representatives with orders over $150, and it tickles me to see that Judith Lea, who does not have the time or desire to build a large Avon business, is at the top of the list with Award Sales of almost $500 in her second campaign! I'm so sorry, Judith. Not! ;)

Awards for this campaign went to:

    Donna Hamilton
, 2nd campaign 40% discount and sample bundle
    Judith Lea, 2nd campaign 40% discount and sample bundle
    Mamie Richburg, 1st campaign 40% discount and sample bundle
    Rebecca Robertson, 8th campaign 40% discount and sample bundle
    Susan Watkins, 6th campaign 40% discount and sample bundle

Congratulations to all of them for a job well done!    

I'm looking forward to Rep Fest on the Road at the Sheraton in Huntsville next Tuesday! There is still time for you to register for this one if you are in districts 1136 or 1139, or there may be one in your area if you are in a different district. I have only heard from Benetta Staten that she is coming to our event and I've heard from Sheilia Smith and Rebecca Robertson that they plan to attend the one in Birmingham. (Is that right, Rebecca? I hope so!) That leaves about 68 Cloud Climbers who have not let me know their plans. I sure hope more are planning to go than just these 3! The main reasons you want to attend are: 1) to see some of the upcoming products, 2) to meet and talk with your district sales manager, and 3) to network with other Avon representatives in your area. Some of them may become your best friends!  There is a 4th reason, and one we all like - free stuff!! I can almost guarantee that you will get something good free when you attend. I know the first 40 to register at each event get free goodie bags and I know there are usually several door prize drawings as well.

Some of you may have seen my video posted to the Cloud Climbers Facebook page by now. In Districts 1136 and 1139 we have the opportunity to meet with Lori Ballantine, our Division Sales Manager, for a free lunch on Monday in Huntsville. There is a condition, of course, and that is that we bring someone who wants to learn more about the Avon opportunity. I am ready to work with anyone you are ready to send or bring to this free lunch. If you are not able to come due to other obligations, such as a full time job, let me know who you are sending to meet with us and I'll be there in your place and get them started on your team if they decide Avon is the right fit for their lives. Did I mention that lunch is free? Help me help you! Send me someone to work with!! :)

This newsletter is a little shorter than usual, since I have had some family obligations to take care of this week that have cut into my time. In fact, I must get ready to go put a home perm in my 83 year old mama's hair in just a few minutes. The next newsletter will include the birthdays and anniversaries for October.

Tips from the Old Files:

"I attach a tea bag to the brochure, giving my customers incentive to relax and look through it. This small luxury has increased my customer loyalty and given me great word-of-mouth referrals."

"Every month I run a contest awarding $30 to the person referring the most new Customers. This has given me up to nine new customers each campaign!"  (I would recommend making that $30 of Avon products of their choice, since that would be the same value but cost you less with your discount.)

"On customers' birthdays, I offer a discount off the total sale that equals their age. So, if they are turning 35, they receive 35% off their purchase."  (I would have to change this to just a flat discount of 20% or so, since most of my customers are well over 50!)

"I make return products available for 'falling prices.' This cuts down on the amount of my returns!"  (Now that we get one free return shipment per month, this might not be as tempting an idea. Still, if you only have an item or two that is returned and they are new items, customers like bargains and it would save you having to go through the returns process if you can sell them.)

Keep up the good work!

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

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