Friday, September 16, 2016

NEW! Avon Onboarding - Getting You Off to a Great Start!!


Avon Onboarding has arrived, and we are quite excited about this new way for Representatives to get started with their own businesses and the potential that it has for them (that means you, too!) to earn big money during the "most wonderful time of the year." So read this blog carefully to see if you are ready to make it an even more wonderful time of the year for yourself. 

Beginning today, September 16, all appointments will be done online and when a person starts their Avon business they will have a choice of three kits to purchase. The decision on which kit to choose will need to be done when the new Avon Representative appoints herself (or himself). Here are the three kits that will be available:



So, the decision to make is just how much the new Rep wants to invest in their business from the beginning. Personally, I recommend the Advanced or Premium Kits to get more brochures to pass out, because the more brochures that go out, the more potential there is for orders and the more money can be made from the very beginning. Plus, the Rep will have products to try themselves if they are just getting to know Avon products or to sell to customers even before submitting their first order.  

With this new Onboarding method comes the Kickstart Program, whereby a new Avon Representative has the potential to earn $1,010 or more in their first 90 as a business owner. This graphic shows the details of how $660 can be earned on sales to customers:

While the new Representative is working on customer sales, they can also be identifying those with which they wish to share the Avon opportunity. For each friend who joins the new Rep in their new business and becomes a Qualified Kickstart Representative themselves, the first Rep will earn a $50 bonus.  

When they meet the sales goals and also add 3 team members within their first 90 days, they receive the Bonus Kicker of $200, which means they will have made $1,010 in their first 90 days of business!!    

What do you think? Is this opportunity for you? If you need more details about the business before making your decision, please go to this link, this post from the Become an Avon Representative tab above, or contact me.


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