Wednesday, November 23, 2016

C24 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'll be with my family in northwest Huntsville, AL, tomorrow to celebrate the day. It's our favorite day of the year! I hope that each of you will be able to be with family as well, and I hope that we will all remember to thank God daily for the blessings He gives us all. Among other blessings, I am thankful for the blessing that you all are to me!

Top Ten in Sales for C24

 1. Rene Parker  PC
 2. Alisha Edwards
 3. Ashleigh Downey  NEW
 4. Steffanie Erdelt
 5. Mary Waters  
 6. Kristi Strode
 7. Ruby Nunnery
 8. Rebecca Robertson
 9. Judith Lea
10. Lakeesha Acklin

I know Rene is proud of her new team member, Lakeesha, for making the top ten list in her second campaign. 

Top Three in Sales Year to Date

 1. Rene Parker  PC   $8,082  
 2. Susanne Walters   $5,959
 3. Ruby Nunnery       $5,558

Rene's sales are slightly ahead of where they were last year at this point, so I feel confident that she will make President's Club again this year, especially with the Double Dollars in Award Sales opportunity in C26. I was really hoping that a few more Cloud Climbers would be joining us at the PC Tribute for this year, but it appears that will not be the case. However, with C1 we all start over again, so let's get our plans in place for the new year. Onward we go and next year we will do it!!

Things slowed down a bit on the recruiting side over the past couple of weeks, so we only added one new team memberHelen Keeton of Jasper, Alabama. Welcome to the Cloud Climbers team, Helen. We are thankful to have you! 

If I calculated correctly, there are 21 Cloud Climbers who qualify for the incentive shown below, because they started their businesses less than 6 campaigns (12 weeks) ago. (Debbie, Alison, Rosanna, Jackie, Nicole, Jacquelyn, Jennifer, Ashleigh, Donna, Starla, Ayanna, Judith, Lydia, Maria, Olivia, Lakeesha, Wendy, Mamie, Arletha, Angela, and Mary.) I hope you ladies are working hard to promote your eStore and bring in $25 or more orders. The opportunity is great, because there will be 10 winners!! Remember, the orders have to be placed between Nov. 18 and Dec. 16, so get on the ball spreading your eStore link far and wide.

The Spotlight is on Rosanna Cassidy, who shared this information with me: "I grew up in a farming community west of Indianapolis and moved to Nashville when I was 16. I love Nashville and always have. I am single with no children. I work for Vanderbilt Medical Center and celebrated my 30th anniversary this past September. I am a nurse and I do insurance precertification for elective surgeries. I work from home and that is the most awesome part of the job. I have sold Avon before and for many years enjoyed it. My department went under new management in 2011 and there has been a lot of overtime in my life since then. It's still going on but not as bad. I have been talking to friends/former customers for the past few months and every one is ready for me to start selling again. I am looking forward to being involved with Avon again and serving my customers. When I was a little girl my mom had an Avon lady who would come to the house. I can't even remember her name, but I have a crystal clear memory of her turquoise travel case that contained all of her samples. I was in awe! I would do anything if my mom would agree to let me be there when she came to visit. So, I have been an Avon fan since way back when. I also like to garden and I like to travel. I went to Costa Rica in May to visit a friend who retired down there and we had so much fun! I have one bad kitty cat name Gustav who is spoiled completely rotten. He is a character. He was my neighbor's cat and there were two small children and another cat in his house. I guess it just wasn't working for him. He ran into my house and I let him visit because I thought it was hilarious. Next thing you know, he decides my house is working for him! Fortunately, his owner thought it was funny and we all agreed he was my cat."  Thanks for sharing, Rosanna! I'll need another CC for the next Spotlight. Will it be you? Send me a little info about yourself and your goals and it can be.

I need to get on with my Thanksgiving shopping and cooking, so I will close with just one tip this time:

"I include order forms (which I create as a Word document) with all my brochures. These forms help me stay organized and they help my customers keep track of what they are ordering." MZ  If you don't want to go to the trouble of creating a document, you can order the free order books (680-782 Supplies - Order Book) under "Order Sales Tools" on YA and take them apart to place a form in each brochure.

Take care, and may God bless you and yours!!

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

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