Thursday, January 12, 2017

For the Serious Searcher Only!

This post is only for those who are seriously looking into other businesses besides the one, or instead of the one, they are currently working. The video tells about Avon's compensation plan, the various ways to make money with Avon, and what Avon has planned for 2017. Let me just say that 2017 will be a pretty exciting and profitable year for the dedicated Avon Representative!

Here are just a few slides from the section of the video where the Avon compensation plan is discussed.

 Avon Representatives earn the same percentage from personal sales and sales at their eStores, and earnings can go higher than 40% as your business grows.

 Building a team is the other way to earn money with Avon!

 2017 Compared to the Plan for 2018 - When earnings
will be even greater!! 
Should you decide to become an Avon Representative, get in touch with me and I'll tell you how to get started online - or just go to 

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