Thursday, March 30, 2017

For the Shower and Beyond!

There are few people in the country who are not familiar with classic Avon fragrances, because Avon has been a household name for many years. There may be more than a few, however, who are unfamiliar with the Avon bath & body line called "Avon Senses." This line started out as "Avon Naturals" and the name was changed a year or two ago. The fragrances are inspired by plants and many are combinations of a couple of plant fragrances - such as the top selling Cucumber Melon combo. Here are the products offered, but not all the fragrances are shown. Click on any image in this post to see them all, read customer reviews, product information, and to order.

Watch for other fragrances to be introduced at various seasons of the year, along with specially priced gift sets!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Best Buys of the Campaign 8 Brochure

When I say "best buys of the Campaign 8 brochure" I know that is a relative statement, because there is no way I have time to list ALL of the best buys. What I list are generally makeup, skin care, fragrance, and bath & body products, so I don't even include all the wonderful jewelry, clothing, and household items that we have in the brochure and in the Avon Living magalog, not to mention the entire mark. catalog, the Outlet, etc., etc. If your favorite products are listed here, be sure to take a look at the online brochure to see if they are on sale this campaign as well.

Today was my day to play "beautician" because my 83 year old mama needed a perm put in her hair. I left her looking at the Campaign 8 Avon brochure. Here are some of the best buys she will be seeing there:
  • Pg. 19, Ultra Hydrating Lip Color is available in 12 shades and only $5.99.
  • Pg. 21, Matte Eyeshadow Quads (5 shade combinations) and Perfectly Matte Lipstick (12 shades) are each $5.99.
  • Pg. 34, Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Lotion is $3.99 and Makeup Setting Spray is $9.99.
  • Pg. 40, BIG and False Lash Mascara (a customer favorite!) is $6.99. This one is available in Brown Black, Black, and Blackest Black.
  • Pg. 51, The best sunscreen for your face is Skinvincible Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF50 and it is only $19.99 this campaign. Combine with Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream for nighttime repair of damaged skin, also only $19.99.
  • Pgs. 52-54, Several Clinical products are $19.99 each - Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System, Advanced Wrinkle Corrector, ThermaFirm Face Lifting Cream, Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid, Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel, Regular Strength Retexturizing Peel, Overnight Hydration Mask, and Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector.
  • Pg. 80, Classic Fragrances are $8.99 each.
  • Pg. 83, Blue Escape, a great scent for summer, is $14. There is a scent spot on the page.
  • Pgs. 84/85, For the man in your life, Black Suede Cologne & After Shave (scent spot on page), along with most of our other men's fragrances, are buy 1 get 1 free.
  • Pgs.124/125, SSS products are buy 1 get 1 for .99 - your choice of 4 formulas.
  • Pg. 133, NEW Pineapple Chill FootWorks set - 2 Exfoliating Scrubs, 1 Cooling Spray, and 1 Cooling Lotion - all 4 products for $9.99. Refresh you feet with a cooling treat of pineapple with a twist of lime!
  • Pg. 139, Wake up your senses with our Energizing Green Tea & Verbena Collection - 2 Shower Gels, 1 Body Lotion, and 1 Body Spray - all four for $9.99.
Would you like to offer these deals to your own customers? Did you know you can make the same amount on orders placed for direct delivery from Avon at your own eStore as you can on orders you deliver yourself? Well, you can't this campaign, but starting next campaign you can! So now is the best time to go to and order your kit (your choice of $25, $50, or $100 kits), so that you are ready to start taking advantage of this opportunity.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for C5 and C6

(Sharing the newsletter I write for my team, the Cloud Climbers.)

Wow, y'all! I knew I was running behind on this newsletter, but I thought I was only behind by a few days, not by a whole campaign. :'(  I know you get most of your information from the Avon newsletter sent each Monday and from your local DSM, but I do like to keep you informed of how our own little team is doing. As far as stats go, the chart below compares where our team is at the end of C6 compared to where we were last year at the same time. We have added more than 26 people in the past year, but have also lost some along the way, leaving us at 66 members.

Top Ten in Sales for C5   (44 team members turned in orders)

 1. Joanne Bradford
 2. Rene Parker  PC
 3. Alisha Edwards
 4. Betty Allgood
 5. Caroline McCullough
 6. Susan Watkins
 7. Kelly Fuller
 8. Maria Loza
 9. Steffanie Erdelt
10. Ruby Nunnery

Top Ten in Sales for C6  (44 team members turned in orders)

 1. Steffanie Erdelt   (Steffanie outsold me this campaign!)
 2. Darren Mannahan
 3. Nicole Darby
 4. Judith Lea
 5. Lisa Anderson
 6. Gladys Faulk
 7. Kathy McAlpin
 8. Shanitris Wilder
 9. Susan Watkins
10. Barbie Breen

Do you notice anything a bit unusual about these two lists? I do! There are only two names that appear on both lists...Susan Watkins and Steffanie Erdelt. That doesn't happen very often, as our top ten usually contains 5 to 7 of the same names each time. I hope that this variation means that more people are working harder to build their customer bases and follow up with customers before turning in orders. I hope that it does NOT mean that sales are down for some of you who usually do well, but I know that can happen now and then. In fact, sales are down just a bit for me right now, which explains why Steffanie outsold me in C6. I'm working on fixing that problem by getting out lots of books to new people. Which reminds me, one of my best customers, who had been purchasing Avon from me for many years, passed away in February. I will certainly miss visiting with Chris M. and her dog, Prissy. It's hard not to stop at her house to leave brochures after all the years I've been doing it.

Speaking of following up with customers, does anyone want to share a way that they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to service a customer? I know you have stories about times you have done more than would be required because you wanted to please a good customer, so please share what you have done in a reply to this email. Thanks!

We added one new team member over the past two campaigns, and that would be Jennifer Killian of Fort Payne, Alabama. Welcome to the Cloud Climbers team, Jennifer!

Birthdays for March include: Judith Lea on 3/6, Ramona Hyman on 3/13, Michelle Watkins on 3/21, and Barbie Breen on 3/23.
Anniversaries for March include: Tawana Frails - 12 years on 3/4, Teresa Jordan - 3 years on 3/27, and Cheryl Parker - 5 years on 3/27.  Congratulations to all of you for sticking with your businesses over the long haul!

The changes to the Leadership Earnings structure have now kicked in, and I received notification that two of our four Promoters who have sponsored new representatives have missed out on their 3% Sponsorship Bonus because they did not turn in a $50 order themselves. Oops! Perhaps you were not aware of that money you would earn from your team members' sales because you did not read the information given by Avon. If that is the case, go to the Sales Leadership tab on YA and then click on Advanced Leadership Program to see the graphic. If you have a team member under you, be sure to always turn in at least a $50 order each campaign so you don't miss out on money you could be earning!!

I'm seeing an increase in those who are getting eStore Direct Delivery orders, so I want to congratulate all of those whose effects to promote their online stores is paying off. Reporting eStore orders for the past two campaigns: Suheidy Colon, Valerie Foster, Jessica Martinez, April Moore, Rene Parker, and Kristi Strode. Keep up the good work!

That's it for now. Let me know if you need my help in any way, let me hear your stories of customer service (mentioned above), go to your local Avon Sales Meeting if you possibly can, and let me know if there is anyone you would like for me to talk to about the Avon business so I can help get them started on your team.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Morning Mix-Up

Okay. So nothing is really mixed-up this Monday morning, it's just a nice assortment of goodies from Avon, so a good "mixture" at a great price. Here's the deal....

for only $34.99!

Indulge in an allover beauty makeover for your body, skin, eyes, and lips. Plus a finishing touch of fragrance. A $133 value, this set includes:

  • Skin So Soft Nourishment Triple Phase Body Oil - 6 fl. oz. ($20 value)
  • Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 - 1.7 oz. net wt. ($38 value)
  • Anew AHA Refining Cream - 1.7 oz. net wt. ($30 value)
  • Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner in Blackest Black - .01 oz. net wt. ($7 value)
  • Avon True Color Lipstick in Country Rose - .106 oz. net. wt. ($8 value)
  • Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum - 1.7 fl. oz. ($30 value)

Would you like to offer bargains like these to your own customers? I'd be happy to have you on my Cloud Climbers team and help you to build your own home-based business. You can learn more by clicking the tab at the top of this post, or contact me to talk Avon!

Friday, March 17, 2017

The TIme is Growing Closer!!!!

I'll make this short and very sweet, because I know you are a busy person. In Campaign 9, which means in the first week of April, Avon will begin giving the same percentage of earnings to representatives for orders at their eStores as they give for orders personally delivered to customers. That means that you can make as much money when people order at your eStore and you never touch the products or do any delivery of them as you make when you place orders, sort orders, and deliver orders to customers. Isn't that great?!? We are extremely excited about it, and I wanted to be sure that you knew so you could get your business started now and start posting your eStore link on all your social media, sharing it with friends, putting it in your email signature, etc. This is a great day to begin your Avon business, so go to and just do it!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Terrific Tuesday...NEW Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration with Shea Butter Body Lotion

Winter is still with us, and the heating systems in our homes and offices are still robbing us of moisture in our skin. And when Spring and Summer come, the sun and the wind and do the same. And that's not even considering what our constant washing of hands does to them as we struggle to keep from getting sick, work in the dirt, etc.

NEW from Avon to help your skin stay hydrated is Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration with Shea Butter Body Lotion. That's a mouthful, so you can just tell your Avon Representative you want "that MT with Shea Butter lotion." Or, you can order it for direct delivery at my eStore.

Dry, flaky or chalky skin? Introducing Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration with Shea Butter. Clinically shown to help dry, patchy, chalky skin by providing immediate hydration. 98% of women agreed after using this regimen, skin looked less dull & flaky in just 2 weeks.*

The Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration Body Lotion instantly corrects the appearance of patchy, chalky, dry skin with 24 hour moisturization.

BENEFITS• 24-hour moisturization
• 98% of women agreed their skin looked less dull and flaky after using this regimen for 2 weeks*
• Helps extremely dry, compromised skin block moisture loss by 23%
• Provides long lasting, all day hydration
• Immediately increases skin's hydration/moisture
• Rich and creamy formula
• Quick absorbing
• Glides on easily and is non-greasy
• Hypoallergenic
• Dermatologist tested
• Lotion is has a lightly floral scent

TO USE• Apply daily to rough, dry, ashy skin
• Use the entire Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration regimen for better results

16.9 fl oz.
* Based on those who used all three products within the Ultra Hydration line and expressed an opinion in a consumer-perception study.
The other two products available in the MT with Shea Butter line are Body Scrub and Skin Protectant Ointment.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Terrific Tuesday....a New Sweepstakes Featuring Blushing Beauty Colors!

Do you like free stuff? Who doesn't?!? Did you know that Avon gives away free stuff all the time? Hop on over to my eStore and click "Shop Now" then scroll down the page until you see this picture. Enter the current Sweepstakes and be one of 100 winners of this beautiful set of products worth $74. I'm loving the makeup bag with it's motto of "Dream big, sparkle more." Avon representatives are also allowed to enter these sweepstakes, so you can bet I've got my entry in already. Winning this would certainly make for a #TerrificTuesday!!!


Monday, March 6, 2017

How to...Makeup in Five Minutes!

I personally enjoy "putting on my face" most of the time, but I know there are many ladies who do not and the shorter the time it takes, the better they will like it! Avon has put together a few products that can get you ready to head out the door in five minutes if you are a makeup minimalist. :)

Friday, March 3, 2017

C4 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter - 2017

Hello All!

I'm running behind on my newsletter and don't have much time to get it done today, so it will probably be the shortest newsletter I have ever sent. I guess most of you, who are also very busy, will not mind that too much. 😊

Top Ten in Sales for C4

 1. Rene Parker   PC
 2. Steffanie Erdelt

 3. Ruby Nunnery
 4. Brenda Taylor
 5. Annie Watts
 6. Lydia Lopez
 7. Susanne Walters
 8. Nicole Darby
 9. Sharon Tibbs
10. Lakeesha Acklin

I have stopped purchasing ALMA leads for awhile, because many of the ones I was getting since Avon ran television and print ads were not quality leads and were rarely interested in the business. Now I'm back to concentrating on working on personal recruiting, and it is really a good time for that since the ALMA leads do not earn in the Ticket to Boss Life incentive. Perhaps I'll earn a ticket or two before the program ends at C13, and perhaps some of you will as well. I don't see that any have been earned so far by members of our team. Remember that if you appoint someone who places a $150 first or second order you will get a ticket. If you earn a ticket, don't scratch alone and be sure to have a video of you scratching your ticket. A Facebook Live video would be great, and your friends could see it and might become interested in the business or might decide to order from you, so you'd win from Avon and have an extra win just by sharing. If I get a ticket, I'll be sure to share my scratch off video too!

We added two new Cloud Climbers since the last newsletter, both of them joining Avon this week. We are happy to have Sandra Foote and Davacenia Adams on our team and I pray they will have much success with their businesses! I don't have a Spotlight representative this campaign, because I'm still not getting info from you in order to do that feature. I think it is great to learn about others on our team, but if you won't share any information about yourself, I can't share. Sorry. ☹ If you want the Spotlight to come back, please send me a short paragraph about yourself, your family, your pets, your goals and dreams, or just anything you want to share.

Our total team sales for C4 were $6,474 and we currently have 67 members on our team. I'm still hoping to meet my 2017 goal of 100 team members, so let me know if there is anyone you want me to talk to about the business. I am not pushy about Avon at all, but I'd be happy to send an email with details to anyone whose email address you give me. What have you got to lose? Who do you know who could use extra income? Anyone I contact on your behalf would be your own team member if they decide to begin an Avon business.

Have a great rest of the weekend! Take advantage of these beautiful days to get out and do a bit of business promotion and work to meet your own goals for 2017.

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

p.s. Have you created a signature for your emails that includes your eStore link? Check your email settings to see if you are able to do that with your system. It's a great way to advertise every time you send an email.