Friday, September 15, 2017

"The Power of Pink"

Just a couple of posts ago I told you all about the new Avon A Boxes. To recap: There is a new A Box every campaign and each one has a theme that fits with the brochure it is attached to. You can purchase the A Box for only $10 when you have a $40 order from the brochure, sale fliers, mark., Avon Living, or the Outlet. Since Campaign 21 is our "Shop for the Greater Goods" campaign, the A Box is "The Power of Pink." If you are shopping at my online store, the item number to use is 729-990. Unlike some "box" programs, there are no surprises in these boxes. You can always see every item that you will receive. A Boxes make great gifts, too!

Here is what you will find in your Power of Pink A Box:

A Boxes are just one exciting reason to begin your business now. The Avon opportunity gets better and better, and my next post will announce a MAJOR perk if you begin your Avon business now. Here's a hint: There's a rebate on the business kit involved. Stay tuned! 

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