Thursday, October 26, 2017

C22 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter

Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

I shall attempt to complete this newsletter while the plumber completes his replacement of one of our shower fittings. I wonder who will finish first? He might, if I have to leave the computer to get away from the stench of the glue he is using. Yuck! That cannot be healthy to inhale and I'm beginning to feel a bit of a headache coming on. I'll have to use some of my Essential Oils to clear the poisons out of my body when he is done. Onward! No matter what!! 😊

We are now fully into flexible ordering for the Southeast and I know that some of you are still not clear on it, because I have had some questions. The two differences are: 1. You choose when to place your order during the two week period. 2. You don't get charged a late fee at any time. Naturally you will still pay shipping on every order that you place, it is just that it will be standard shipping without extra fees.

Top Ten in Sales for C22

 1. Sandra Moore HS  $1,004
 2. Cynthia Blake   $674     (Wow!)
 3. Rene Parker PC  $520   (Another Wow!)
 4. Alison Hogan   $488   (Wow! #3)
 5. Vicky White   $363
 6. Rosanna Cassidy   $281
 7. Judy Strawn   $271
 8. Nicole Darby   $251
 9. Phyllis Smith   $250
10. Angelika Turner   $244

Those with Online Store Sales for the campaign were: Sandra Moore ($244.73), Alison Hogan ($136.12), Joanne Bradford ($98.92), Rene Parker ($46.24), Rhonda Kennedy ($41.40), Wendy Reed ($26.97), and Kristi Strode ($10.98). 

We currently have 92 active Cloud Climbers and another 11 Pending (have not yet turned in an order) team members, for a total of 103. Two New Cloud Climbers have joined us since my last newsletter and they are: Lawana Jones of Pinson, AL, and Tracie Myrick of Valley Head, AL. Both of these ladies have already turned in first orders, so they are on their way to success! I want to congratulate Tammy Sears for having a first order of $150, which means that she will qualify for the rebate on her kit once her order is paid for on time. We currently have 17 team members whose accounts are past due for 3 campaigns or less, so I want to remind everyone that a $10 late fee will be applied to an account that is past due 1 campaign, an additional $10 fee applied to past due 2, a last one for past due 3, and then the account will be marked "inactive/delinquent" and turned over to the Collections Dept. I always hate to see that happen, and don't even like to see anyone have even one $10 late fee, so if this is a struggle for you, please have your customers pay you for their orders in advance so that you will not be without the money when your payment is due. If you have trouble handling the money part of your Avon business, there is a course in Avon U that can help. Speaking of Avon U, I hope that have taken a look at that since it opened and you are beginning to learn things that will help you have a successful business. I'm preaching to myself now, as I need to do the same!

I've been taking the Espira Women's Daily Essentials 40+ since RepFest and have been very pleased with them. My daughter is taking the Women's Daily Essentials and my husband takes the Men's Daily Essentials. We have also used the Restful Sleep supplement as needed, but I don't need it often as I sleep pretty well. My hubby needs those, and once I assured him that they would not cause him to be drowsy the next day, he has begun to take them when needed. I really hope all of you will take a serious look at the supplements once they are available for you and compare them to what you are using now to see if a change might be in order. If you are not a supplement user and don't want to become one, you probably have some customers who use supplements and I know they will be interested in at least looking at what you have to offer. They will be available for purchase in the What's New for Campaign 3, so can be purchased on demo with Campaign 1 orders.

If you do not have C24 brochures or are not ordering C25 brochures, you need to order some right now. You can order brochures only and have them shipped free of charge - you pay for the brochures but not the shipping. C24 has almost all of the Christmas items in it, with just a few new items added in C25. I noticed in the What's New for C26 that there was nothing "New" and I don't remember having that happen in the 30 plus years I have been selling Avon. I had to look through the demo flyer twice to be sure, but I didn't spot one new product. Interesting. Of course, the A Box for C26 is new, but you can't buy it on demo, so I didn't count it. :)  Also, take note of the fact that the Avon calendars are much less expensive if you order them by packages. I always get plenty of these to give to my customers as Christmas gifts. Tip: mark the days you are turning in Avon orders on each calendar before giving them to your customers. 

Well, looks like I will beat the plumber. Oops! Spoke too soon. He just finished and I don't have all the pretty colors added to my newsletter yet. 😊 Let me know if there is any way I can help you make your business more successful. 

Sandra Moore
Cloud Climbers Team Mentor

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