Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cloud Climbers Newsletter for C2 and C3 - Something to #BLAB About!

(This is the newsletter where I report to my team each campaign. Read it to see how the Cloud Climbers are doing and go here to join us as we climb clouds!)

Good evening to you all!

As you can see, you are receiving a combined newsletter, but at least it is only for two campaigns. 😊 It was getting so close to the end of C3 before I had the C2 newsletter done that I decided to wait a couple of days and do them together. 

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 2

 1. Sandra Moore HS   $792
 2. Carolyn King   $439
 3. Phyllis Smith   $336
 4. Hattie Bush   $258
 5. Ruby Nunnery   $247
 6. Rene Parker PC   $243
 7. Gladys Faulk   $187
 8. Virginia Curtis   $175  
 8. Mary Waters   $175
 8. Susan Watkins   $175

There are three people in place #8, because it was a 3-way tie!

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 3

 1. Sandra Moore HS   $940
 2. Rene Parker PC   $360
 3. Melanie Hamilton   $344
 4. Gladys Faulk   $338
 5. Phyllis Smith   $296
 6. Steffanie Erdelt   $254
 7. Annette Shepherd   $204  (New to Avon and already on the Top 10 List!)
 8. Helen Keeton   $199
 9. Nicole Darby   $189
10. Rosanna Cassidy   $185

Rewards for the past few campaigns: Congratulations to Cassandra YoungTammy Miller, and Annette Shepherd for meeting the qualifications to receive a rebate on their appointment kits! Also, congratulations to Rene Parker PC and myself for receiving PRP Points for Sales Increase. I also received a Qualifying Recruit Bonus thanks to the efforts of one of my new recruits who had a $150 first or second order and paid for it on time, and I believe that lovely team member would be Annette ShepherdIf I am reading my reports right (sometimes it is a little bit challenging to understand everything reported due to circumstances of various Representatives), we had one team member who earned a Qualifying Kickstart Recruit bonus but Avon was not able to pay it due to that Representative allowing their account to go Inactive/Delinquent. I sure do hate to see that happen to someone, because that's $50 that was earned due to the efforts of their recruit that they will not get. I believe this is the first time that has ever happened to a Cloud Climber, and I hope it is the last. 

Happy Birthday to two team members who celebrated birthdays in January - Yvonne Lassiter and Susan WatkinsHappy Avon Anniversary to several people: Donna Langford (1 year on 1/9), Hattie Bush (38 years on 1/11), Patsy Cloud (17 years on 1/13), Sophya Johnson (6 years on 1/19), and Kelly Fuller (1 year on 1/21). 

I want to welcome two new Cloud Climbers who have both let me know they are already working hard to build their businesses. In fact, I just listened to a message on my answering machine from Barbara telling me that she is "off to a pretty good start", and she definitely is! We are happy to have you on our team, Leslie Clendenonof Dunlap, TN, and Barbara Hambrick of LaFayette, Georgia. May you have many customers and great sales for as long as you desire! 

If there is a #BLAB Workshop in your area, I hope that you will attend. The workshop is free and you will get to network with other Avon Representatives while you learn new things. Some of the cities are already scheduled and others will be added, and you can read more about this in the Avon Beauty Buzz on the home page when you sign in to your account.

That's all for now, because I have an order that has arrived and needs sorting and books that need labeling. Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it's off to work I go. Let me know how I can help you be more successful in your business, connect with me on Facebook to be added to our team page, and share some information about yourself so I can put you in the Spotlight for our next newsletter. 


Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador - Soon to be Bronze Leader!

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