Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day. My husband has showered me with dark chocolate and other goodies, and a beautiful card as well. He has always been a great card picker and I save every one. After 31 years of marriage, my card drawers are getting pretty full! 

Our daughter gave me a bar of dark chocolate too, (they know what makes me happy), as well as a sweet card and red pens. The red pens are because we use them to grade Bible Correspondence Course lessons and I'm always hunting for one on Sunday afternoons when we do most of our grading.

Because Valentine's Day is a day to express the love that we should be expressing every day but sometimes forget to do, I want to say that I appreciate my Avon customers (there are about 150 of them), and my team of Cloud Climbers (there are currently about 86 of them who are active), so very much. I began my Avon business in April of 1987, I've been an Avon Lady for almost as long as I've been married, and I can't imagine not having an Avon business. I'm not planning on retiring any time soon, and when my husband retires in just a few years, I expect my Avon business to carry us through the retirement years pretty comfortably. As I tell my potential recruits, this business has served me well for every stage of my life, since I was able to grow it as my children grew, and I encourage anyone who is looking into adding another stream of income to investigate the business. I know a lot of people in other direct sales companies and I have yet to see one that beats Avon for having something to interest everyone of every age and demographic.

If you don't know that Avon offers skin care, makeup, bath & body products, fragrances, clothing, shoes, jewelry, home interior products, and gifts, you haven't looked at an Avon brochure lately and it is high time you did! We are happy to have one of our own Avon Ladies on the front cover for the first time ever. :) 

Have a lovely Valentine's Day, and keep spreading love tomorrow and every day!!

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