Sunday, March 25, 2018

Campaign 7 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter

(This is the newsletter that keeps my team informed of how we are doing as a team and gives recognition where it has been earned. If you would like to become a Cloud Climber, here is the place to begin.)

Greetings, Cloud Climbers! 

As those of you in our Facebook group already know, we did reach our goal of $8,000 in team sales for C7, thanks to the help of 49 of you who placed orders! In fact, there was plenty of room to spare because we ended the campaign with $9,046 in team sales. Woo hoo! I thank you so much, not just the ones who placed orders in C7 but those who did not have orders then but will have them for C8 and/or C9. The 49 who had orders for C7 will be the base for entries into the drawing for the $100 WHEN (not IF) we meet the $8,000 goal for C8 and C9. If any of you 49 do not place orders for C8 and C9, you will be knocked out of the drawing, so let's not let that happen. 😊

Top Ten in Sales for C7

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $1,292
 2. Leslie Clendenon   $662   (You go, girl!)
 3. Judith Lea   $507  (I'm smiling!)
 4. Julie Thomas   $402   (Good work!)
 5. Rene Parker  PC   $375
 6. Kelsey McGowan   $312
 7. Deanna Buswell   $303
 8. Margaret McCrary   $280
 9. Phyllis Smith   $252 (Tied for 9th)
 9. Magalis Justiniano   $252 (Tied for 9th)

Can I tell you how wonderful it is to see all of these, and even more, with orders over $150? I am thrilled with how well you are doing with your businesses!! For those of you who have been with Avon more than a year, can you tell that your sales are better than last year? I know that mine are up by quite a bit and I believe that is true for many of you as well. I hope and pray this trend continues for us all!

A few of you receiving this newsletter and my other emails are now inactive with Avon but I am keeping you on my email list because you can reopen your account within 26 campaigns just by placing an order. If your account has closed but Avon owes you money from direct delivery sales, you should receive a check from Avon in a few weeks if you do not place an order. I hope that you will decide to give your business another chance, as several Cloud Climbers continue to do, but if you would like for me to go ahead and remove you from my email list, please just let me know as I don't take time to police that list and remove inactive Reps on a regular basis. 

Avon Awards:  Congratulations to Stephanie Johnson for earning the Espira Gym Bag and Notebook in the Espira Facebook challenge. I mistakenly credited those awards to Heather Johnson in the last newsletter, because I read the report wrong. Stephanie is a first generation team member for Heather, so I know Heather is proud of Stephanie's awards too! Also, I'm happy to have received 175 points for sales increase in the PRP. I believe I have all the results for the Shake Up Your Sales incentive now, so I will list the twelve who earned awards from top earners down:
  • Sandra Moore - Earbuds, Tote, Apron, Sound Spa, and Car Magnet
  • Deanna Buswell - Earbuds, Tote, Apron, and Car Magnet
  • Leslie Clendenon - Earbuds, Tote, and Apron
  • Gladys Faulk - Earbuds, Tote, and Car Magnet
  • Helen Keeton - Earbuds, Tote, and Car Magnet
  • Stephanie Johnson - Earbuds, Tote, and Car Magnet
  • Rosanna Cassidy - Earbuds and Tote
  • Melanie Hamilton - Earbuds and Tote
  • Alison Hogan - Earbuds and Car Magnet
  • Carolyn King - Earbuds
  • Margaret McCrary - Earbuds
  • Barbara Hambrick - Earbuds
Some of the awards are being shipped soon and others will be coming in June. I believe Avon said that the awards earned exceeded their expectations, which I am sure they are not complaining about at all. 😍

My family is still loving the Espira products. My husband uses the Men's Daily Essentials and he just sold a box of them to a coworker who wants her husband to try them. She also ordered the Women's 40+ Daily Essentials for herself. I use the Women's 40+ Daily Essentials and I have automatic shipment set up for my husband and myself. Both my husband and daughter really like the Restful Sleep, so I've got two bottles of that on my next order. I generally don't have much trouble with sleeping, so I just use that one now and then. I also use the Calm now and then when I feel like I'm having an especially stressful day. Did I tell you that when I offered samples of the Calm, Restful Sleep, and Natural Energy to my customers most of them wanted the Restful Sleep? Perhaps you should call attention to that one to see if your customers are in need of it too. I also enjoy the Plant Power Protein in smoothies made with extra green plant powder and fruit for a meal replacement now and then. Have you used the Espira Products? Have you sold them? Share your experience with me, please! 

Have a wonderful week, and drop me a line now and then so I'll know how you are doing. Some of you are so quiet that I have to check my VIBE list to make sure you are still with us. 😊 

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader  (It feels good to finally write that.)

p.s. Don't forget that if you have any friends/family/acquaintances/customers that might be interested in an Avon business - and you may not know they are unless you ask - you should be sure to let them know about the extra $25 bottle of Espira Hunger Block that is being added to the kits ordered before April 2. I posted that info in a few groups I'm a part of and I have one person planning to order her kit before the deadline.

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