Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mother's Day is Fast Approaching. Is your gift ready?


We had a solid 24 hours of rain, but the skies are clearing and the sun is trying hard to bust through the clouds, so prettier days are ahead. I told my husband we were just storing up for the coming drought. The temperatures will be cooler for a couple of days and then maybe, just maybe, warmer weather will be here to stay! Meanwhile, staying cozy inside with a hot cup of tea and shopping from your seat via the online Avon brochure is the perfect way to spend a restful 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon. We are currently finishing up with Campaign 9, which is our Mother's Day gift brochure, and there are some excellent gifts for mom here. In fact, I decided to do a video to talk about the beauties you see here along with many more gifts suitable for mom, including some gorgeous jewelry, and you can view it on my YouTube channel through this link. You can have your order shipped to mom by putting her address in when you checkout. Check the box to indicate it is a gift and Avon will not put the invoice listing prices in with the order.  

Enjoy your shopping! If you are a mom shopping for yourself, I hope you enjoy your Avon items and that you have a happy Mother's Day!

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