Saturday, May 5, 2018

Campaign 10 Newsletter for My Cloud Climbers Team


Well, we did it, Cloud Climbers! A very big THANK YOU!! to all of you who came through for me and made sure that our team met its goal of having $8K in team sales for four campaigns and thereby earning me the complete bonus of $1,500 for moving up to Bronze Leader. Sophya Johnson will be especially grateful, because she is the winner of the $100 that I promised to one of you who had orders in C7, C8, and C9. We ended up with 23 people in the drawing for that money (I listed them in the last newsletter) and I used a random number generator to select the winner. Congratulations, Sophya! Your $100 check will be in the mail today. This is going to be a big year for our team, so always read the newsletter to see what other incentives I might decide to do. In fact, I have a new one for you right now and you will find the details further down in the newsletter.

Top Ten in Sales for C10   (There were 48 orders turned in, for a total in team sales of $8,928.)

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $2,563
 2. Leslie Clendenon   $517    (Way to go, Leslie! You are President's Club material. 😊)
 3. Anna Kinsaul   $352
 4. Phyllis Smith   $332
 5. Deanna Buswell   $305
 6. Judith Lea   $299
 7. Rene Parker  PC   $277
 8. Stephanie Renshaw   $252
 9. Joanne Bradford   $234
10. Gladys Faulk

Happy Birthday in May to: Margaret McCrary (5/5), Julie Thomas (5/5), Donna Langford (5/6), Ruby Nunnery (5/20), and Steffanie Erdelt (5/27). Celebrating Avon Anniversaries this month are: Melanie Hamilton (1 year on 5/9), Maria Loza (7 years on 5/9), Yvonne Lassiter (17 years on 5/19), Darren Mannahan (6 years on 5/19), Autumn Lange (4 years on 5/28), Rebecca Robertson (2 years on 5/28), and Kathy McAlpin (2 years on 5/31). 

In the Spotlight this campaign is our newest Cloud Climber, Delilah Carter of Double Springs, AL. Delilah was happy to share some of her story so we all could get to know her a bit. She tried to sell Avon 4-5 years ago but she was a single parent and unemployed student and was not able to invest in the business enough to be successful at that time. She received her medical coder degree and worked for a time in Alaska. With her five children, ages 21-40, being now grown and gone, she has returned to Double Springs, AL, and is living with and helping to care for her disabled Mum. She is blessed to have 8 grandchildren as well. Delilah enjoys Bible study and makes Bible study with others a priority for her life. She believes Avon is her vehicle to receive God's monetary blessings that will allow her to help make more followers of God and she is also looking into other ways of increasing her income. She closed her comments with "God is blessing me already. Now I see He is ready to bless me more." 

I have not been personally talking with all new representatives as they prepare to turn in their first orders to be sure that they understand the goals in the KickStart program, because I didn't want to be "pushy". There is a fine line between mentoring and pushing and I've been too cautious in this area and that may have been to the detriment of the new Cloud Climbers' businesses. If you are just beginning to work with team members, know what their goals are in the KickStart program and make sure that they know what those goals are as well. I'm attaching two documents on KickStart for the benefit of those of you that mentor and new CCs. These documents are found under Sales Leadership/Mentor Tools on YA.

Okay, here's the new incentive from me that I mentioned earlier in the newsletter. While I was outside mowing recently (while you are mowing is a good brainstorming time if you haven't tried it), I was trying to think of ways to motivate you to press forward with your businesses and how I could go about attaching a reward for that. This idea will work for everyone, and everyone can earn money from me because it is a "You Do, You Get" incentive rather than a drawing where only one person wins. You have to EARN this money, but you get to decide how you will do it. 😊 Here's the deal: During the month of May you must meet a challenge goal that you have set for yourself and told me and one other person about. It must be a challenge goal, not something you are already doing. Below are a few examples of goals you might choose from, but it does not have to be one of these, as you just choose the goal and then tell me and one other person what goal you have set. We are doing this on the honor system, but you must tell me the goal, tell me the name of the person you told about the goal, and then tell me when the goal is completed. If you meet all of these requirements, I will give you $20. I wish I could give more, but I have faith that many of you will make goals and meet them and I don't want to go broke if all 86 of you accomplish this feat!

Examples of challenge goals: "I will personally talk to 10 new people about my business in the month of May with the intent to either gain them as customers or as new team members."  "I will post a link to my online store with a personal comment of interest to my friends about the Avon products, opportunity, recommendations, etc. at least twice a week for the month of May on my Facebook profile and I will include my online store link in that post." "I will increase my order size by at least $50 for each of Campaigns 11 and 12." "I will go through the contacts on my phone and call or text everyone who might not yet know that I am an Avon Representative to give them my online store link." As you can see, there are many different types of challenges you can set for yourself, but whatever you choose must require you to step outside your comfort zone. Do a little brainstorming and see what you can come up with. I'm excited to hear your ideas!

The weather is perfect for getting out and about with Avon brochures and orders in hand, so that is what I am about to do. I hope you each have a great rest of the week! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I will be on a short mission trip to Kentucky this weekend. I'll still be reachable in the usual ways, but it may take me longer to respond to you at times, so just be patient with me. 😊

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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