Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for Campaign 11


This newsletter is coming out a little later than planned, but yard work, my Spring fundraiser for ALANA, and my event Saturday took precedent. Oh yes, there was that other little thing, the PRP Tribute! Once again Avon treated its top performers (and Avon considers anyone with sales over $10,000 in a year a top performer) to a fantastic lunch, gifts, awards, and lots of fun. One of the best parts for me is getting to see so many of my fellow Reps. that I have known and celebrated with for many years. I posted pictures from the event on the "Southeast Region - New Avon" Facebook page and this link should take you to those:   

Top Ten in Sales for C11

 1. Leslie Clendenon   $713   Wow!
 2. Kelsey McGowan   $542    Way to go!
 3. Sandra Moore  HS   $537   Yes, I was outsold by two of my team members, and I'm happy about it, too! 😍
 4. Gladys Faulk  $352
 5. Debbie Fortenberry  $328
 6. Phyllis Smith  $302
 7. Margaret McCrary  $288
 8. Amanda Poarch  $273   New! I know Deanna Buswell is happy for her newest team member to be doing so well! 
 9. Kelli Violet  $230
10. Alison Hogan  $200

I put out a challenge to the team in the last newsletter and only had two team members accept that challenge - Deanna Buswell and Leslie Clendenon - so I want to thank them both for participating in this effort to put more money in their pockets from sales and from me! Deanna will have to let me know if she meets her goal, as she is working to build the number of Direct Delivery eStore orders she has and that won't show on my reports. I just checked my reports for Leslie and I see that she is on track for her goal of increasing her sales over prior campaigns. I'll let you know in June how well these ladies did and I'll continue to put out more challenges for you later, so be sure to always read these newsletters to learn what you can earn from your mentor!

Congratulations to Deanna Buswell for earning a Scratch Off Ticket in the #BLAB incentive! Yesterday she did a FB Live video with her two children so others could see the scratching, (because you never want to scratch alone), and her gift was Espira for a year!! Now, we don't know exactly which Espira products she will be receiving for a year, but I know this is a valuable gift and I expect there will be LOTS of Espira products coming to her. Congratulations to Deanna, and a big thank you  to her recruit, Stacie Barnes, for having a $150+ first or second order. Deanna was asking me a question about claiming her prize and I told her I could not answer that question because I have never earned a scratch off ticket due to not having a successful personal recruit during the time frame. So, Deanna has the honor of being the first scratch off ticket winner for the Cloud Climbers. 😊 But wait! There's more!! Because Stacie was added to Deanna's team during my race to earn the entire $1,500 in Bonus Money for making Bronze Leader, (it's official now, since I received my pin 😉), Deanna will also receive $50 from me in the incentive I put out for that time frame. Deanna, I'll be getting that check in the mail to you this week.

So....what is happening in your life that we need to celebrate? It does not have to be Avon related, just something you want to "Be proud out loud" about for yourself or your family, or maybe a special need you would like for us to pray about. Also, I'm always looking for people to Spotlight in the newsletter, so if you have never been in the Spotlight, please share some details about yourself so we can get to know you better.

I'm off to sort a bunch of Avon products, because the fundraiser has arrived. I'm betting that none of you will beat my sales for C12, but I would certainly be excited and grateful (for you and me) if you did!! 😍 

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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