Saturday, June 30, 2018

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for Campaigns 13 and 14


My family is buzzing about me (husband, daughter, and two cats) this morning and there have been many interruptions, but I am determined to stay on task and get this newsletter out. And...there goes my cell phone with a customer calling. However, I will not be deterred, and this newsletter will go out before we take our 30 year old son out for his birthday lunch. 😊

Top Ten in Sales for C13

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $1,288
 2. Cynthia Blake   $608
 3. Leslie Clendenon  $448
 4. Hattie Bush  $400
 5. Phyllis Smith  $333
 6. Rene Parker  PC   $287 
 7. Joanne Bradford   $268
 8. Margaret McCrary $254
 9. Julie Thomas   $235
10. Gladys Faulk   $216

Top Ten in Sales for C14

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $1,163
 2. Leslie Clendenon   $643.00
 3. Gladys Faulk  $365
 4. Melanie Hamilton  $335
 5. Vicky White   $306
 6. Rosanna Cassidy   $276
 7. Phyllis Smith  $263
 8. Rebecca Robertson   $245
 9. Deanna Buswell  $243
10. Thelma Mast   $235

Happy July Birthday to: Tammy Bullard on the 7th, Helen Keeton on the 8th, Patsy Cloud on the 11th, Debbie Fortenberry on the 18th, and Claire Philadelphia on the 23th, Annetta Taylor on the 28th, Stacie Barnes on the 28th, Stephanie Renshaw on the 29th. Celebrating Avon Anniversaries in July are: Barbara Treloar, 30 years on July 7; Alison Hogan, 1 year on July 13; Rhonda Kennedy, 4 years on July 17; April Moore, 2 years on July 18; Angi Price, 6 years on July 23; Syble Talley, 14 years on July 24; and Angelika Turner, 4 years on July 26. Congratulations to all of these!

Avon Awards: Congratulations to the following people who earned their pins in the Pinning Streak Incentive by having an order every campaign for the first half of the year! Barbie Breen, Steffanie Erdelt, Gladys Faulk, Alison Hogan, Darren Mannahan, Syble Talley, Sharon Tibbs, Vicky White, and myself. 

Alert: We currently have 24 Cloud Climbers who are past due on their accounts and have either had $10 late fees added or will have them added soon. I know that some of these are probably due to Reps not placing an order in a campaign and then forgetting that they need to pay for their previous orders, so please check your accounts to make sure you don't end up with late fees. Some of you don't have credit with Avon and are wishing you did because you would rather not have to pay for your orders when you place them, but the good thing about having no credit is that you don't have to worry about late fees. 

Let's talk a moment about Direct Delivery orders. I have seen a marked increase in my own DD orders over the past few weeks and I'm truly excited about that! It is especially beneficial during these hot summer months when getting out extra brochures in a new customer search is particularly difficult. How am I gaining new customers - most of whom I do not know? I can't say for sure what is working best, but there are several things that I do that should keep me being found by people who look for Avon online. 1) I have a Facebook business page and I post on it at least once a day. 2) I share some of those posts to my FB Profile page and in other groups I am a part of where such posts are allowed. 3) I am listed on Google My Business and Google Maps. 4) I am consistent in placing orders and paying for them on time, so that keeps me being searchable when people go through Avon to find a Rep. 5) I put my Online Store link on every brochure and in my signature on emails.There are others of you who are also getting DD orders, so perhaps you have some tips to share as well. In C13 and C14, I had 16 DD orders for a total of $634.71, so I believe that is another record. A couple of those were my own, but most of them were from customers. Thirteen others who had DD orders were: Deanna Buswell, Ashleigh Downey, Melanie Hamilton, Rene Parker, Stephanie Johnson, Rhonda Kennedy, Anna Kinsaul, Donna Langford, Joanne Bradford, Wendy Reed, Danielle Reneau, Annette Shephard, and Julie Thomas. For the day that I put out this challenge in the last newsletter "Let's see who can get the most DD orders in one day! Hint: There may be an extra award for the winner. 😊", Rene Parker had two DD orders and Joanne Bradford and I each had one, so I'll be sending a package of several samples to Rene as the winner in that challenge. 

I received 50 Leads from the Amp It Up! event and I'm following up on those as I have time. So far they have not led to any new team members, but I will continue to contact them now and then and perhaps the time will be right for some to join us at a future date. Do any of you have any prospects? We need some new blood in our group!! 😊😊 We have five pending Reps who have not placed an order yet, so I hope they will do so soon. Did you know that new Reps have up to a year to place a first order now? 

As far as I know, none of us will be attending RepFest 2018, but we will be able to follow along with the festivities in several ways, and I hear there are some great things coming our way. I strongly considered attending, but this summer is super busy and I just decided I should not leave home for that long of a time this year. I do encourage any of you who want to build your business to attend a RepFest when you can, because it is a great experience. Maybe they will come back to Nashville again in the next few years and we can get a nice sized group of Cloud Climbers there. 

That's all for now. Let me know how we can work together to further your business goals, and don't forget to be consistently looking for new customers and new team members to grow your business in two ways!!     

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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