Thursday, July 5, 2018

Amp It Up! at the CMA Festival

That's me, second from the right, at the Amp It Up! powered by Avon event at the CMA Festival in Nashville a few weeks ago. Avon has been holding these events at various music festivals around the country, and they will continue on throughout the summer. Those of us in Leadership who qualified and wished to participate were "interviewed" by email and then received notification and instructions on what would follow if we were selected to represent Avon at the event we were applying for. Before the event Avon had an online call to go over the details and we were given some information to download and use for follow up on the leads we would be receiving. 

The day of the event, we arrived and checked in with the representatives of Lead Dog, the company which was in charge of the logistics of the event. We were given iPads we could set up for our own Avon online stores and an Amp it Up! apron to wear over our all black outfits of our choice. Avon supplied us with the mark. Pretty in Beads Earrings and the Live Love Dance Bracelet that you see me wearing in this picture. Those earrings are a bit larger and more colorful than I would normally wear, but they certainly did Amp it Up! and I enjoyed wearing them. Once we were "suited up" it was time to get started welcoming our guests, and they kept coming all day to sample the products, have mini-makeovers done, have fun in our Photo Opp area, register to win a free trip, and to learn more about the wonderful Avon opportunity. Avon hired professionals to do the mini-makeovers, so the Avon Reps were free to visit with the potential customers and new team members, demonstrate the products we had on display, and take orders. I even spent some time passing out sunscreen to the men and women who left home without thinking about applying it. We were not able to pass out brochures or sell products on site, which disappointed several people who stopped by, but we were able to use our iPads to place orders at our online stores for customers. Anyone who placed an order that day received one of the great A Boxes and every little bit someone would be an instant winner in the registration for the free trip and those would also receive an A Box. In addition, anyone who registered got a backpack type Amp It Up! tote with a Moisture Therapy Lip Balm. With all of that, no one who stopped by left empty handed.  

About nine days after the event ended, Avon began to distribute the leads (all those who gave their name and contact information in some way at the event) and I received 50 names to follow up with. I've contacted all of them twice now and created an email group of just those leads so that I can continue to contact them on a regular basis. I already have one strong possibility for a new team member, and I hope to begin to see orders placed at my online store soon. 

Thanks, Avon, for continuing to build our company and allowing the Representatives to participate at events like this. I've been a part of similar events in the past with Avon, and they are always a great way to step out of the old comfort zone and try something new and challenging!

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