Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for C16, RepFest Recap, and C18 Incentive!

Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

Let's start with the RepFest Recap, shall we? I wasn't there, but I watched a lot of the FB Live videos posted on the Avon USA Representatives Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, that is one of the pages you really should follow, and you should also be on our team page: Cloud Climbers Avon Team. If you aren't on there yet, just let me know and I'll be glad to add you. Coming up for the holidays: Unicorns for the girls and dragons for the boys, vintage style makeup items and Velvet fragrance for the ladies, slippers and ? for the men, and fun decorative items for the home. Also coming, multivitamins for the kids. I hope these sell well, but I have seen some comments on Facebook from Reps and their kids who have tried them and said they weren't exactly tops in taste. I'll be ordering some to see for myself. 

In other news from RepFest: 
  • Share the Love for $10 has been going so well that Avon is extending it through August 20, so keep sharing the love and building our team! 😊
  • August has been declared Avon Representative Appreciation Month (ARAM) and Avon will be doing some special things for us, so watch your mail and YA for more info. I'm attaching the one image I've seen about this, so you can have a head start on working toward some of these prizes. 
  • As part of ARAM, there will be free shipping on all Direct Delivery orders over $25 placed at our online stores for several days during August. (I'm still trying to find out the exact dates, because I've seen conflicting info on this, including that it might be all month, which would be great!)
  • We will receive double dollars on our highest award sales campaign from C23 through C26, (I believe those are the ones included) which can help us reach President's Club or the next level of achievement.
  • We are getting a 2.0 version of YA that will roll out over the next few weeks. (I saw the option to upgrade to it on my home page earlier this week, but didn't do it then and now I don't see it anymore. Hmmm.) PLEASE be patient if there are bugs with it, because we know anytime you upgrade websites you generally have a few bugs to work out.
  • Avon is giving away $150,000 in cash from Campaigns 20 through 24, so watch for details on how to earn entries into the drawing. 
  • Beginning in C23, the "No Animal Testing" bunny will appear on all brochures, so you will be able to show it to anyone who worries that New Avon does animal testing. Explain to them that New Avon is separate from Avon International. Read all the details about this under the Beauty Buzz on the home page of YA. 
  • The Campaign 19 brochure will contain no professional models, only Avon Reps! I've ordered a few extras so I can pass them out to some of the former customers I haven't given a brochure to in awhile to see if it will encourage them to start purchasing again. 
  • RepFest2019 will be held in New Orleans.
  • The incentive trip to be earned in early 2019 is to Los Cabos, Mexico.

Top Ten in Sales for C16

 1. Sandra Moore HS  $1355
 2. Leslie Clendenon   $518
 3. Cynthia Blake   $356
 4. Gladys Faulk   $342
 5. Deanna Buswell   $307
 6. Rene Parker PC   $271
 7. Margaret McCrary   $270
 8. Stephanie Johnson   $241
 9. Kelli Violet   $192
10. Judith Lea   $180

We added three more team members since the last newsletter, and lost one of the new ones I announced in the last newsletter.* New Cloud Climbers are Selina Nelson of Decatur, AL, who is now a team member of Deanna BuswellShay Parker of Huntsville, AL, who is the daughter of Rene Parker and her newest team member, andBarbara Allen of Brighton, AL, who was an ALMA Lead of mine who decided to join Avon by ordering her Share the Love $10 Kit. Welcome to the Cloud Climbers, Avon ladies! I pray you will have much success with your businesses.

Now for the incentive from me. 😊  As you know, with a lot of perseverance and your help, I was able to make Bronze Leader a few campaigns ago. Unfortunately, the summer slump hit and team sales went down for the past few campaigns so I've only been getting paid at the Gold Ambassador level. If I am not mistaken, if we do not have team sales of at least $8,000 in C17 or C18, I will lose my title. 😢 C17 does not look promising at this time, so I'm pushing for C18 to be the campaign that keeps me at Bronze Leader status and PAYS me at Bronze Leader status. 😍 Therefore, I'm requesting that everyone have an order for C18, no matter how small and even if you just order at your own online store, so that we hit $8,000 in C18! Everyone who has an order will go into a drawing for a crisp $20 bill and I will be giving 2 of them away! Will you help? I hope I can count on you!!

Since this newsletter is a little long already, I'll feature the birthdays and Avon anniversaries in the next one. Keep working hard on your businesses, especially in view of the sales that can be yours during the upcoming holiday season, and let me know if there is any way that I can help you.

God bless you and your business!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

*Allow me to explain about the team member we lost. Because of the ALMA Leads system that Avon has, anyone who does not put in the Reference Code for the Avon Rep whose recruit she/he wants to be will be automatically assigned to an Avon Rep who participates in the ALMA Leads program. Peggy Hobbs was an ALMA Lead I was in contact with who decided to become a Rep. during the Share the Love incentive and was therefore added to my team since she was assigned to me. As it turns out, Peggy really thought she was going to be mentored by another Rep, probably a friend of hers, so she contacted Avon within the required five days and in the required way to have the correction made and now she is with the Rep she wanted. In a similar situation, one of our Cloud Climbers had someone sign up under Share the Love who was accidentally assigned to another Rep who participates in ALMA and she did not correct the situation in the required way within five days, so she will remain with the other Rep and cannot be on our team. All of this explanation I have given is so that you will know how important it is to make sure the people you know understand how to be added to your team if they want to become Avon Reps and be mentored by you and also that you understand that corrections can be made as long as they are done correctly and within the allotted time. I will be happy to work with you if you need my help in any situations that come up while you are recruiting, but I need to know about them right away. 

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