Friday, July 13, 2018

WHAT?!? Become an Avon Representative for only $10!?! WOW!

In a surprise move earlier this week, Avon announced that for a limited time people wanting to begin an Avon business could do so for only $10 by ordering the "Share the Love" $10 Starter Kit! The opportunity began on July 11 and runs through August 6, and my team has already grown by two members in the first two days. Since the Cloud Climbers are off to such a good start, I've challenged us all to add 27 new team members - averaging 1 for each of the 27 days of the incentive? Can we do it? Yes, with your help, we can!! 

What must you do? Go to (or go to and use the reference code SMOORE if that works better for you), and order the $10 Share the Love Starter Kit. This kit contains:

  • 2 Best of Beauty Sampler Packs (each contains the products you see in the picture)
  • 10 Lipstick Bullets
  • 5 Strips of 3 Anew Samples
  • 5 Strips of 3 Skin So Soft Samples
  • 10 Brochures
  • 1 Free 24/7 Online Store

But wait, because that's not the whole deal! You can receive up to $546 in free products and tools when you meet your sales goals. 1) Submit an order of any size within the first campaign of joining Avon and you will receive 2 more Best of Beauty Sampler Packs and 5 more Brochures. 2) Submit a second order of $150 and Avon will reward you for continuing to share the love with 5 more brochures and a Share the Love Tote to carry and display your favorite products. 3) Submit total orders of $500 within your first three campaigns and Avon will send you a free Premium Kit (the kit that normally costs $100) with a $400 value. This kit consists of 50 samples, 20 brochures, and 20 full-size products in a terrific carrying case. 

Now do you see why this is such a fantastic deal? All of the awards you receive are in addition to your earnings on the orders and other perks that are part of our KickStart program for new Representatives. Seriously, if you have any desire to earn extra money with your own home-based business, I don't know of any other company that will offer you so much for so little. Just remember, this offer is for a limited time and you must go to one of the links above to take advantage of it before the end of the day on August 6, 2018.


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