Wednesday, October 3, 2018

C21 Avon Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter


My plan for today was to be out delivering Avon orders, but life intervened in the form of vehicle issues requiring my Avonmobile to go into the shop last night. When your brakes start goofing up, you don't mess around! I love the shop we use, but they have a lot of customers so I'm afraid they may be holding it hostage for a few days. Ah well. Perhaps I will get caught up some of the stuff I need to do here at the house.

We didn't quite make our $8K goal this campaign, but that's okay because I have faith that we will make it most of the campaigns for the rest of the year. Some of you are doing really well, although one of you is not doing quite as well as I reported in my last newsletter. Y'all need to call me out when I make math errors like that! And if you didn't catch it, now you can go back and see if you can find it. There will be a clue in the Top Ten list below. 😉

Top Ten in Sales for Campaign 21

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $1,283
 2. Leslie Clendenon   $416   (Only $487 to go to make President's Club!)
 3. Margo Prytz   $411
 4. Donna Langford   $348
 5. Cynthia Blake   $295
 6. Vicky White   $281
 7. Rene Parker  PC   $274
 8. Alison Hogan   $253
 9. Gladys Faulk   $251
10. Brenda Taylor   $241

Happy October Birthday to: Rebecca Smith (10/5), Carolyn King (10/8), Rebecca Rains (10/10), Kimberly Lewis (10/11), Ann Henry (10/21), Mary Waters (10/22), Autumn Lange (10/25), and Ashleigh Downey (10/29).

Happy Avon Anniversary in October to: Lois Johnson (28 years on 10/8), Caroline McCullough (5 years on 10/15), Rebecca Rains (11 years on 10/16), Nicole Darby (2 years on 10/17), Ramona Hyman (4 years on 10/17), Ashleigh Downey (2 years on 10/19), Annie Watts (8 years on 10/22), Mary Waters (2 years on 10/25), and Barbie Breen (25 years on 10/27). 

Since Avon is all about "Iconic" this holiday season, I thought it might be fun to see who has the longest Length of Association (LOA) with Avon, so here are the top ten "Iconic" Avon Representatives on the Cloud Climbers team and the number of campaigns they have been Reps., and you'll notice there is a tie for the longest time: 

 1. Hattie Bush   999   
 1. Joan Nunnery    999  
 3. Thelma Mast   952
 4. Sharon Tibbs   889
 5. Sandra Moore  822   (Yes, I have Reps. on my team who have been with Avon longer than I have.*)
 6. Barbara Treloar   789
 7. Gladys Faulk   743
 8. Ann Henry   738
 9. Lois Johnson   730
10. Claire Philadelphia   668 

Did you join Avon under Share the Love for $10? Or have you joined Avon since that time? Be sure to read about the new Build the Love incentive from Avon where you can earn a full-size iPad (I wish I could earn it!) by having $3,000 in personal and/or team sales from Campaign 23 to 26. It is a lofty goal, but the prize is certainly worth working for, especially if you are one of those who is currently trying to conduct all of your Avon business from a cell phone. 

Don't forget that this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so let's do what we can to honor those who have fought the fight and those who are still fighting, and be aware of our own breast health, too. We have at least two survivors on our team, Barbie Breen and Carolyn King, and there may be others I don't know about. Let me know if you are one of them. 

Onward to other tasks I go! I believe I'll send out a recruiting email with the new incentive details next. Please let me know how I can help you build your own Avon business. 

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Ambassador

*If you are wondering how that is possible, let me explain. When Avon decided it would be best for all Representatives to be on teams with Mentors, those who were not on teams and not working with Leadership were "nested" with those who had teams. We had to accomplish certain goals in order to earn those nested Representatives, and I accomplished my goals!

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