Friday, October 26, 2018

C22 Cloud Climbers Newsletter

Greetings Cloud Climbers

It's a wet, wet, night here in north Alabama as I begin to finally get this newsletter written. I think that I will just keep it short so that I can get it out tonight. 😊

Top 10 in Sales for C22

 1. Rene Parker PC   $1,319     (Rene out sold me!)
 2. Sandra Moore HS   $1,014
 3. Leslie Clendenon   $341   (My reports show you are only $146 away from PC. Woo hoo!)
 4. Amy Layne   $303
 5. Margo Prytz   $262
 6. Thelma Mast   $254
 7. Donna Langford   $248
 7. Darren Mannahan   $248
 9. Ashleigh Downey   $239
10. Judith Lea   $221

 Awards for C22:
  • Rene Parker PC received 175 Points for Sales Increase. Great work, Rene!  
  • The following people earned their My Why LocketsBrenda TaylorPhyllis SmithDarren MannahanDonna LangfordCynthia BlakeAmy LayneMargo PrytzLeslie Clendenon, and Hattie BushCongratulations to all these hard workers! I want to see some pictures of the winners wearing their lockets. Anybody willing to share? Hope so!
I was thrilled to see that we made our team goal of $8K in C22, so thanks to ALL of you who placed orders, whether big or small. We had 93 Cloud Climbers and 50 of those placed orders, so that equals 53% order activity. That's pretty good, actually, as far as teams go. 

We added one new team member since the last newsletter: Jennifer Webb of Iuka, Mississippi. We are so glad to have you on our team, Jennifer! Also, I want to welcome back six team members who have recently reactivated their accounts: Judy Ashworth, Tana Cook, Virginia Curtis, Tawana Frails, Kelly Fuller, and Julie Thomas. 

Did you watch the webinar on Online Fundraising tonight? I did and I'm pretty excited about this opportunity. I hope that some of you are already thinking of ways to offer it to others. The presenter did an excellent job of explaining how it will work and she also said there will be a course on Avon U very soon. I'm planning to try a fundraiser for the FHU Associates Huntsville Chapter that I am the secretary for before Christmas and see if I can get enough response to see how the program works in practice, now that I know how it works in theory. I'll report back to you on the results when it is finished. 

Some of you qualify for the Build the Love incentive, so is anyone working to earn their iPad? It's quite a challenging goal, but it's a nice perk! How about the Los Cabos trip incentive? Remember that you can earn early bird points during the remainder of 2018 by recruiting team members. Even if you don't earn the trip, there are some great prizes to earn along the way. Did you see the FB Live video of those on the Avon USA Representatives page? Nice! 

It's still raining. I love the sound of it, and wouldn't mind if it rained all day tomorrow too, except we have that Fall Festival on Saturday and it's going to be pretty soggy if the rain doesn't let up soon! If you are in the Madison, Alabama, area on Saturday, please come by the Madison church of Christ and enjoy some family friendly fun on the front lawn from 10:00 until 2:00. Look for me under the bright pink canopy and I'll have something special to give you. 

Have a fantastic weekend!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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