Thursday, June 27, 2019

Campaign 15 Customer Reminder - SALE! SALE! SALE!


Thanks so much for your continued support of my Avon business! You make selling Avon fun and profitable* for me, and I may not tell you how much I appreciate that often enough. We are now in our biggest sale campaign of the year, with items up to 65% off. It is important to notice, however, that the discontinued items on pages 1-39 are all while supplies last and also final sale/no returns. Please understand that I will not be able to accept these items back for returns unless something arrives damaged. Also, since they are while supplies last, you may want to go ahead and order them quickly at my online store:

Almost everything Avon has to offer appears on sale in this brochure, so here are just a few items that I will call your attention to:
  • Pgs. 73-75, Anew Hydra Fusion products are all on sale. These products are getting great reviews, so don't let your sun parched skin wait any longer for maximum moisture!
  • Pg. 83, Our customers who need extreme sun protection love Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50. The Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream is a great addition to it for night-time wear. Both of these are fragrance-free for sensitive skin.
  • Pg. 113, The WOW DEAL is Mesmerize Cologne for men at only $9.99!
  • Back cover, We've got some new shades in Glimmersticks for Eyes and Brows, and all are $2.99 each.
I will be turning in my regularly scheduled Avon order on Monday night, July 1. At that time I can order from C15, C14, and C13, and I can combine items from those campaigns to get you the best prices. 

Have you heard about our great new 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo?** It won't be available in the brochure until Campaign 16, at which time it will be introductory price of $8.99. However, Avon has released the product for sale on our online stores as of June 26, at the regular price of $12 or any 2 for $20. If you take advantage of the any 2 for $20 offer, you will receive a FREE compact mirror when you use the code LIPDUO at checkout! If the Lip Tattoo does not appeal to you, free shipping on a $25 order might, so use the code CHICAGO to get that until July 10. If your order is over $40 (and with all the great deals we have right now it very well might be), you will automatically get free shipping so you can use the code WELCOME10 to get 10% off your order if you have not yet used that one this year. If your order is over $50, you can use the code GLOWNOW to get a free Illuminating Stick until the end of June, or use the code TAKE10 to get 10% off your order if you have not used it yet this year. Whew! What a lot of great coupon codes Avon is blessing us with right now!! There are even a couple more available for free jewelry, so go to my online store at to see those. 

*If you would like to see how profitable an Avon business could be for you, go to my online store and click on Become a Representative for details. 

**I did a couple of videos on the Lip Tattoo on my FB business page if you want to take a look at those here:
Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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