Saturday, June 29, 2019

Who Are My Avon Customers?

Good Saturday morning to you! I was just now printing out invoices for a couple of my customers and it got me to thinking about the variety of customers I have. Who buys Avon products from this Avon Lady? Here is a small sampling of my local delivery customers and helpers:

  • an 80 something lady in a small frame house who buys mostly skin care and bath & body products,
  • an aerobics teacher living in one of the more upscale communities in the area who buys products for herself and her students (wouldn't it be nice to have a teacher like that?)
  • an older gentleman who buys fragrance for himself and his girlfriend,
  • a lady I never see because she prefers to leave a check on the door so her dogs don't try to get out when I deliver,
  • an older widow who I stop in to chat with when she has an order,
  • a handicapped neighbor of hers who prefers that I sit down with her and the brochure so she can just go ahead and flip through it and place an order then,
  • a customer who has been buying Ultimate products almost exclusively for many years and keeps a stash in the fridge to make sure she never runs out,
  • a helper who is also one of my team members. (Not many team leaders have a situation like ours, I'm sure. She keeps her account open for personal purchases at a discount, but she doesn't want to sell products now so she gives her co-workers orders to me.)
  • a customer who was an Avon Rep herself for many years. Actually, I have a few like this.
  • a customer who is an entrepreneur with two clothing companies she started - one for little boys and one for little girls - and the leader of a local networking group,
  • a customer about my age who has been ordering Avon through me for at least 25 of the 32 years I've been in business,
  • an older lady who just recently became a customer because she fell in love with FootWorks products,
  • customers who live in a retirement facility and still love to look and smell nice, of course.
Like I said, that is just a small sampling. They range in age from their 30s to 80s. They come from all demographics and earnings levels. They live in small low rent apartments all the way up to half million dollar homes. They are employed in all types of jobs, are stay at home moms, or they are retired. In other words, Avon products are for everyone! If you haven't investigated to find out why, it is high time that you did. Also, If you love meeting new people and being a blessing to others by your visits and encouragement while supplying the products they have come to love, if you want to give personalized service to people and be blessed by the way they appreciate your service, you are the type of person I want on my Cloud Climbers team and it is high time you investigated that opportunity as well!

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