Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Campaign 17, 2019, Cloud Climbers Newsletter

(My team newsletter, sent to them on Thursday, August 15.)


I hope that you are having a fantabulous week so far! This week has been a bit different for me, as I and the two cats have been "batching it" all week. My newly retired hubby has been in Chapel Hill, TN, with his mama while his sisters are on vacation so she gets the care she needs and my daughter has been cat and house sitting for friends from church. Bonny comes home tonight and then leaves again after work tomorrow to go to an event in Sevierville, TN, for the weekend. Gary returns home Saturday evening and life goes back to more normal for me. Of course, everything is a "new normal" now, since Gary has retired. We don't have any big plans for traveling, but I do hope to get away with him for a few days when the weather cools this fall. We haven't been to the mountains in many years, so I imagine Pigeon Forge will be our destination. However, there are many places in Alabama we have never seen, so perhaps we will take a few overnight trips close by. Now, tell me what exciting things are happening in YOUR life. I'd like to know more about those of you who don't communicate with me very often.

We didn't make our $8,000 team sales goal for Campaign 17, so there won't be a money give away this time. However, I had forgotten that I won't lose title for a few more campaigns of falling below $8,000, so perhaps we will try again for that goal. In fact, let's just say that I will do a drawing for those two $20 bills as soon as we make goal in a campaign, as long as it happens before I lose my Bronze Leader title. Speaking of which, I could end up moving up in title if Leslie Clendenon keeps recruiting as well as she has in the past couple of weeks! Congratulations to her for adding two new team members, and welcome to Sarah Land and Michelle Martin, both of Dunlap, TN. I'd say that there is no reason why anyone in Dunlap should not have access to wonderful Avon products with all these Cloud Climbers available to service them! I also want to welcome Brandy Samples of Odenville, AL, who joined the team just yesterday. I'm so happy to see the Cloud Climbers team growing as we head into the 4th Quarter! We have a lot to offer, and there is certainly money to made with an Avon business. 

Top Ten in Sales for Campaign 17

 1. Sandra Moore  RC   $1,325
 2. Rosanna Cassidy   $421
 3. Gladys Faulk   $294
 4. Leslie Clendenon  PC  $256
 5. Deanna Buswell   $234
 6. Juanita Stephens   $199
 7. Cynthia Blake   $189
 8. Justin Yow   $187
 9. Amy Budisalich   $178
10. Kimberly Thompson   $149

Direct Delivery Sales for Campaign 17  (Last time for now to report these, since Double Dollars on DD orders has ended.)

 1. Sandra Moore  RC   $305.10   (6 orders)
 2. Deanna Buswell   $131.64   (2 orders)
 3. Amy Budisalich   $92.46   (2 orders)
 4. Carolyn King   $54.56   (1 order)  All Reps below have 1 order as well.
 5. Kelli Violet   $52.93
 6. April Moore   $47.00
 7. Darren Mannahan   $44.98
 8. Ashleigh Downey   $43.91
 9. Margaret McCrary   $40.97
10. Rene Parker  PC   $26.39
11. Amy Layne   $22.77
12. Linda Wardell   $13.28

Celebrating Avon Birthdays this month are: Caroline McCullough (8/1), Wendy Robinson (8/1), Stephanie Johnson (8/8), Leslie Clendenon (8/13), and Darren Mannahan (8/28). Congratulations to the following who haveAvon Anniversaries in August: Marquita Ricks (1 year on 8/2), Rene Parker PC (10 years on 8/4), Benetta Staten (10 years on 8/12), Rebecca Ann-Smith (1 year on 8/13), Anissa Webb (1 year on 8/14), Judith Lea (3 years on 8/16), Steffanie Erdelt (15 years on 8/18), and Patricia Echols (1 year on 8/29).

RecognitionCongratulations to Amy Budisalich, who earned her KickStart Pin in Campaign 16, and to Margo Prytz who earned the Twice as Nice T-Shirt in a recent sales incentive. I'm also happy to report that I reached Honor Society level in Campaign 17. I know that all of you are not in the Empowerment Division (having Dee Powers as your coach), but that's the division I am in so I see reports from there. In Campaign 17, our team was #10 in that Division for Team Sales, I was #9 in Personal Sales and #1 in Online Sales Quarter-to-Date, and Amy Budisalich was #12 in New Representative Sales and #1 in Online Sales for New Reps Quarter-to-Date. Congratulations to all these achievers! 

If you check email regularly, you should know by now that LG H&H (Household & Healthcare) has finalized their purchase of Avon North America this week. I expect that we will be hearing from our new CEO, Paul Yi, very soon. Those of us who went to RepFest came back excited about the new products that we will be offering soon. We are collaborating with The Face Shop and CHI Haircare, and we should be getting lots of information about those products soon, since they will appear in the Campaign 24 brochure. If you are not already on Facebook, I encourage you to set up an account so that you can see the Avon USA Representatives page and learn about the products now. You don't have to add any friends, etc., if you don't really want to do "the Facebook thing" but you will be able to see what's going on more than or faster than you can just by going to your Avon account. 

Best quote I remember from RepFest: Closed mouths don't get fed! So keep your mouth open, your feet walking, your fingers typing, and your business growing! Get ready for great things ahead with Avon!! 

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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