Thursday, September 19, 2019

This is it! Now is the time!! Christmas is coming!!!

I have a large email list of Potential Avon Representatives that is made up of people who have in some way expressed interest in Avon as a business. I try to get an email out to them each month to stay in touch and let them know Avon is still ready and waiting for them when the time is right. This is my email for September:


Whenever I begin an email to you, I always try to think of a subject line that will get you to open the email. I don't know if the one I chose this time will work or not, but I tried. :) Life has been busy, both with my Avon business and all other aspects of my life, so I haven't gotten an email out to all of you in awhile. This one will briefly bring you up to date on what is going on with Avon:
  • We are now owned by LG H&H and we will be seeing some great new (to us) products that LG has been producing for some time in our C24 brochure. That brochure will be available for your potential customers' shopping pleasure in November, so now is the time to get your business started so that you are ready to sell CHI hair care and The Face Shoppe makeup and skin care items. 
  • Campaign 24 will also introduce most of our Christmas items, and as a new Rep, you can actually purchase those items for yourself in October at discounted prices! In fact, if you play your cards right, your discount on those items will be 40%!! 
  • The cost to begin your Avon business is still only $30, with a package of products worth much more for you as your FREE gift from Avon when you begin. You even get to choose which of 3 available packages you want. 
  • I'm still right here to help you as you get your business started and all the way through the days of your business as the team leader of the Cloud Climbers, which you will be a part of when you use any of the links given so far in this email to begin your business. 
  • If you want to do some more research before beginning, ask me questions, take a look at my blog, go to my FB business page, or go to the Avon USA Representatives FB page. You might even want to view some of my videos on my YouTube channel
That's it for now, because I want to keep these emails short and sweet so I don't waste YOUR valuable time. Oh wait, there is this one more thing. If you are only interested in purchasing Avon products, not making money by selling them, you can get free shipping on a $25 order today only (9/19/19) using the code SHOPSMART at

Thanks for your time!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Ambassador

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