Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Cloud Climbers Newsletter for Campaign 23, 2019


I''m getting the Campaign 22 Newsletter out before the end of Campaign 23. Yay, me!!! Ha! Life and obligations have slowed down just a little bit, so I've just about got my business obligations all back on schedule. I'm enjoying fall, have dedicated myself to eating less sugar and getting more exercise (I actually charged up my Fitbit and I'm wearing it) and now that I've told you that about the less sugar and more exercise, you can be my accountability partners and just bug me now and then to say "Are you still on track?" Maybe by Thanksgiving I will have finally lost these few extra pounds that I carry in my midsection and be able to look decent in the clothes hanging in my closet that I avoid wearing now. I was listening to a Prager U Candice Owens interview yesterday and one thing that was said really stuck with me because it is so true. "Your life is your fault." We all need to take responsibility for our own lives and do the hard things that need to be done to get them where they need to be. That quote is true for our businesses, too. We all have different circumstances, but what we do with our circumstances is our responsibility/fault. Speaking of which, please read what Lydia Riley ( wrote yesterday about her Avon story. She has done some pretty amazing things in the past 19 years because of Avon, and you don't have to be at rock bottom, like she was, in order to build big. You just have to take responsibility (if building big is what you want and need) and do the hard things to get you where you want to be. 

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 22

 1. Sandra Moore RC   $1,123
 2. Phyllis Smith   $522
 3. Margo Prytz   $450
 4. Leslie Clendenon PC  $344
 5. Carolyn King   $200
 6. Vicky White   $185
 7. Amy Layne   $179   (2nd generation under Leslie Clendenon)
 8. Kathy McAlpin   $170
 9. Linda Wardell   $154   (2nd generation under Rene Parker)
10. Amy Budisalich   $153

Top 10 in Sales Cycle to Date

 1. Sandra Moore RC   $24,572   ($10,428 needed to make Rose Circle)
 2. Leslie Clendenon PC   $8,997   ($1,003 needed to make President's Club)
 3. Margo Prytz   $7,660   ($2,340 needed to make President's Club)
 4. Rene Parker PC   $7,544   ($2,456 needed to make President's Club)
 5. Gladys Faulk   $5,313
 6. Phyllis Smith   $5,115
 7. Amy Layne   $4,560
 8. Vicky White   $3,771
 9. Linda Wardell   $3,338
10. Cynthia Blake   $3,235

Don't forget that we now have until the end of the year, so basically through Campaign 2, to make our goals. That means six more campaigns to go and it means there is just a slim possibility that I'll hit Rose Circle again but that the top four Cloud Climbers listed above should definitely make President's Club this year!! 
There are currently three Cloud Climbers who have team members, and they are: Leslie Clendenon with three team members, Rene Parker with one team member, and Margo Prytz with three team members. Our newest addition is a recruit of Margo's, and we welcome Andrea Gholar of Justice, IL, to the Cloud Climbers!

When I sent out the Customer Reminder for C23, I said that anyone who told me "I used the email, so put me in the drawing" would go into a drawing for a surprise from me. I was hoping to hear from at least a few of you, and I did get one "Thank you", but no one said they used the information in the email, so nobody went in the drawing. I sure hope that doesn't mean that nobody even reads my emails. 😭 The campaign is not over yet, so maybe I'll still hear from someone yet and get to give something away. 

I'm going to drink an Espira Plant Power Protein shake and get back outside and enjoy some of this beautiful weather. I've only got 3,616 steps in so far, so I need to join my daughter in what she calls a "joggerwalkie". Have a great evening!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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